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Moving to Minnesota? Here are some things to know before moving there. The pros of moving to Minnesota are there are great job opportunities. The state has 17 out of the listed Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, UnitedHealth Group, 3M, General Mills, Target, and Land O’Lakes. Also, the average cost of housing is reasonable at around $225,000, according to Zillow. If you are a shopper, look no further. Minnesota is home to the Mall of America, which has an indoor theme park inside it! Also, Minnesota has an epic State Fair known as “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.” It offers scrumptious food vendors, music, horse shows, a beer fest, a car show, a dog show, stand-up comedy, an amateur talent contest, and other competitions. If you are into sports, Minnesota has several professional sports teams, including the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx, Minnesota Vikings, and the Minnesota Twins.

One con of living in Minnesota is its harsh winters. Winter temperatures often drop to -20 Fahrenheit. In the summer, Minnesota is a breeding ground for mosquitoes due to their warm temperatures and proximity to several lakes. Moreover, the income tax rates are much higher than other states in the same region, with the property tax being about average and state sales tax varying from 6.9% to 8.9%. If you are considering living in one of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis or St. Paul, be prepared for traffic and constant road construction.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Minnesota?

Now that you are officially moving to Minnesota, All My Sons Moving & Storage recommends that you measure your new home and create a floor plan. This step will help you determine what you are moving and what you are leaving behind. For items you are taking, make sure you label them well, noting the contents in the box and what room you want them to go in. For commodities you are leaving behind, decide whether you should trash them, using proper waste disposal procedures, donate them to a local charity, or sell them. 

Once your items are squared away, call All My Sons Moving & Storage to receive a quote, pick an insurance plan, and pick your moving date. Double-check if your building or HOA has any specific rules on moving, and also find out if you need a parking permit for the moving truck. 

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Minnesota?

Let your employer know that you are moving and to change your payroll information, and request time off. If you have any employees, let them know as well. If you have children, you will need to transfer their school records and medical records. If you have an animal, you should go to their veterinarian to get vaccinations, paperwork, ID tags, and medication.

Next, inform the DMV, Post Office, Social Security, Veterans Affairs, banks, lenders, subscriptions, insurance, and the IRS about your change of address. For more information, look at the All My Sons Moving & Storage Moving Checklist. Also, call your utility companies on both ends. You will want to schedule a final meter reading the day you move out. Be sure to close your accounts, including gas, cable, electricity, trash, water, and sewage

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Minnesota?

You are on the countdown! Now it is time to tie up loose ends. Return library books, pick up dry cleaning, and back up your computer. Make a moving kit that contains your personal information, valued possessions, money, directions, and your new house key. Get cash for tipping your movers, and buy plenty of drinks to keep hydrated. Donate leftover food to a local charity. Finally, drain your water hoses, and unplug your freezer.

What Do I Do On Moving Day?

Protect your floors and walls where necessary. Then, audit your belongings alongside a mover. Note any discrepancies to file a claim if pertinent. Do a final inspection with a landlord if applicable. Tip your drivers, and write a review. You did it! All My Sons Moving & Storage congratulates you on moving successfully into your new home! 

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