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College Heights Movers

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About 7 miles east of Downtown Atlanta is the satellite neighborhood of College Heights with a population of almost 75,000. If you have school-aged children, moving to ZIP code 30349 is a great idea as there are great schools in the area such as Mcnair Middle School and Creekside High School. If you’re ready to relocate to ZIP code 30349, give our Atlanta movers a call so that we can handle all your relocation needs, so you’ll have more time to check out the new neighborhood of College Heights.

College Heights Craft Beers

While our College Heights movers use our Atlanta packing services to properly unpack your boxes and furniture, unwind after the long move by discovering local bars and breweries. The BlueTarp Brewing is a great place to start since it’s popular with the locals for its welcoming atmosphere. The staff at the brewery are always more than happy to serve you some of their decadent beers from their vast inventory. They also have beers on tap such as Weisse’s, IPA, and more.

Switch things up by visiting The Three Taverns Brewery & Tasting Room for an even wider selection of craft beers. As a popular nightlife spot amongst the locals, The Three Taverns Brewery serves as a perfect spot to meet other locals. You will also fall in love with the brewery as it’s a comfortable, laid-back spot to unwind after a long move. Another bonus to visiting the brewery is the knowledgeable staff as they’ll explain where and how each craft beer selection is made.

College Heights Treats

Once our Atlanta auto movers safely deliver your car to your new home, take a drive around town to familiarize yourself with unique venues unique to College Heights. Start with HomeGrown Decatur to shop for art pieces by local artists as souvenirs after moving to ZIP code 30349. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank while shopping there as the owners offer artworks within a wide price range.  There, you’ll find everything to pillows, pins, buttons, drinking glasses and more!

Travel back in time at the Avondale Towne Cinema for it’s 1950’s atmosphere while watching the latest movie. Besides seeing the latest film in Hollywood, you can also have a cocktail or two at the bar just outside the theater. The cinema’s staff also do a great job of keeping the cinema clean, so you and your family can enjoy watching a film in a safe environment.

Our College Heights Movers are Here to Help!

Whenever you need to move to College Heights or anywhere else in Atlanta, give our College Heights movers a call! We offer a wide range of relocation services to ensure your move into your new home is smooth and safe. For over twenty years, we’ve helped families and companies move across the country, so you can count on our movers to move you into your new home. Don’t delay, call 770-615-8243 today for your free, no-obligation quote. Happy moving!