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Welcome to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey! Are you ready to join the over 40,000 happy residents that call this township home? Our team at All My Sons Moving & Storage Cherry Hill is ready to assist you in any way we can. This suburb of Cherry Hill has a lot of character and a fair bit of history. Let’s take a closer look at your new home brought to you by our Mt. Laurel movers.


History of Mt. Laurel, NJ

Did you know Mt. Laurel was named because of local hills covered with Laurel trees? Before this township was given its name and residents came to populate here, Indians owned this land and thrived in the area. Many of the Indians who lived here helped European settlers escape persecution and settled with the Dutch to trade knives, clothes, and liquors. Today, people who either relocate to Mt. Laurel or invest by purchasing land may still dig up bones and artifacts of the past folks who formerly resided here.

Mt. Laurel is also known for playing a small part in the American Revolution. Although no blood was shed, troops did stop and camp to meet each other here for other battles happening in New Jersey. General Henry Clinton used a nearby tavern as headquarters and set up a hospital for wounded soldiers. Other soldiers were seen climbing the trees on the 100-foot mount to watch for Washington’s army.

<p">If you want to enrich your children with some history or simply go and see a historical site, Jacobs Chapel in Mt. Laurel holds true and endearing. The famous Chapel that was built in 1859 was once used during the war when Quakers in Mt. Laurel helped slaves escape to the north using the Underground Railroad. The Chapel was a hiding location for slaves! Tourists and locals can see in person a very important piece of history.

What is Mt. Laurel, NJ, like?

Mt. Laurel and the community hold seminars and teach ways to be and Go Green. Many members of the community and even our Mt. Laurel movers are involved in this movement of bettering the Earth and our township.

If you can’t wait to witness the history and be part of something bigger, our Cherry Hill moving company is here for your moving needs. The terrain might be hard to navigate, but our team of Mt. Laurel movers is well-trained in knowing the routes and how to get to your destination in a fast and efficient manner.

Moving Companies in South Jersey

Our highly skilled Cherry Hill full-service movers provide our guests with dedicated moving coordinators who assist you from start to finish. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we also provide you with the proper Cherry Hill packing supplies you need. Trying to shove everything into one box or frantically running around for padding gear doesn’t happen when you are in our care.

The best part of hiring All My Sons Moving & Storage is knowing that our full-service treatment doesn’t stop at local or long-distance moving. Our Cherry Hill moving company also helps new employees settle into their new jobs. We also help local businesses make sure everything gets delivered with a smile. Plus, you can’t beat our prices. Just check. We offer a free, no-obligation quote.

We know how important history is in this township, and we want to continue the tradition of history by making sure we keep to the same ideals and practices we have been using for years.