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Moving to Oregon? Here is the All My Sons Moving & Storage list of pros and cons. First, Oregon has no state sales tax; however, they have higher personal income tax rates. Also, you will have to pay a vehicle tax when you bring your car in from out of state. If you like seafood, you are in luck! Seafood tends to be available more often and at better prices. Oregon is famous for the crabbing season as well. Also, Oregon offers picturesque green landscapes with both mountains and beaches. 

One negative aspect is traffic is problematic, and speed limits are lower than in other states. More importantly, Oregon is the second-worst state to earn a living considering the cost of living, workplace safety, as well as high income, and property tax. Finally, there are predictions that Oregon will have an earthquake soon and, if it is strong enough, it could cause a tsunami.  

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Oregon?

When you first move to Oregon, measure your new home. Make a floor plan, and use this to determine what you are keeping and discarding. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests making four piles: taking, tossing, donating, and selling. Make sure you label everything you are taking, making it clear what is in the box and what room it is going into. If you do not want to pack or need packing supplies, reach out to All My Sons Moving & Storage. For the items that have no value, toss them out. Just ensure you are following proper trashing procedures. You can usually donate slightly used items. For pieces you do not need but could earn you a buck for, list these on OfferUp.

Once you have just the items you are keeping, call All My Sons Moving & Storage to discuss insurance and difficult items that need to be handled carefully, like a piano, and pick your moving date. Double-check with HOAs and city rules and regulations such as special moving parking permits

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Oregon?

Tell your employer you need to update your payroll information, request time-off, and see if you are eligible for a tax deduction. If you have children contact their schools, and if you have pets contact their veterinarian. You will also need to notify your current utility companies. Schedule the day and time for them to come out and take the final meter readings, as well as to turn on your new home’s utilities. Be sure to include gas, electricity, and water utilities. There is a more detailed list of other important contacts you should call on the All My Sons Moving & Storage Moving Checklist, so be sure to check it out. 

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Oregon?

Two weeks before your move, start cleaning your home. Back up your computers and return items to friends and family. Make sure you have all your essential documents and money in a safe place. You may want to identify where the nearest gas station, grocery store, and convenience store is to your new home in case you find yourself in a predicament. Also, make sure the fire alarms are functional. Then, the night before your move, unplug your freezer and water hoses. 

What Do I Do on Moving Day?

Protect your walls and floors. Be sure to have drinks and light snacks on hand, and begin auditing your belongings when they go onto the truck. When you arrive at your new home, audit your items when they are taken off the moving truck, and report any damages. Have a friend or family member direct where the furniture goes using the floor plan you created and some labels. If you were renting, do not forget to do a final inspection with your landlord. You are all set! Tip your movers, write a review, and start settling into your new home!

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