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Look Out for Floods This Week

There will be a flood watch in Salt Lake City through the middle of the week.  If your moving day happens to fall within the next few days on the calendar, you may want to plan on rescheduling your movers.  We are expecting up to an inch and a half of rain fall during the storm that may last until Tuesday.  Be safe and avoid driving if you can, especially if your route would border the Little Bear River, Blacksmith Fork, or any other rivers which may overflow.  

In case of emergency situations, weather or otherwise, your movers here in Salt Lake City always allow for changes to your moving schedule should you encounter the need to do so.  Moving should be the least of your worries if your relocation coincides with the not-so-favorable weather in the forecast.  So focus on what is important during the worrisome weather; be sure that children and pets are safe and away from any nearby bodies of water, be mindful of possible mudslides, and –again– limit your driving as much as possible!  

If you planned to move this week, do not worry! Your movers here know that things don’t always go according to plan when it comes to your moving schedule.  What is important though, is to schedule your move in advance so that your moving costs can be as low as possible.  Many times, especially during the summer months, our movers are sent on so many jobs that they end up working massive amounts of overtime –which causes the rate that you pay to go up as well.  If you hire your movers before overtime rates are predicted, your rates will be lower even if your moving date ends up being extremely busy.  So even if you don’t know your moving date, schedule your movers now, and if the need arises to change your date for any reason, just give us a call to reschedule!