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Moving to Laurens, South Carolina with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Laurens is an interesting town filled with past and present unique residents who once lived here. What was originally inhabited by Cherokee Indians, is now filled with people who are wanting to move to Laurens to embrace the natural beauty of this historic town.

Cherokee Indians used to do their fishing and hunting here. Evidence has been dug up, showing broken potsherds, weapons, and a mound found linked to Cherokee culture. The Cherokee Indians made numerous treaties which is now the beautiful town of Laurens.

After the Cherokee Indians and before the American Revolution hit, thousands of immigrants found their way to Laurens – they were mostly from Ireland and Scotland. It became established in 1785, and originated from the South Carolina Patriot and Revolutionary War hero from Charleston, Henry Laurens.

Moving to Laurens is offering you the chance to learn about the enriched past. That doesn’t mean that the history is all this city has to offer. For all the hikers, boaters, swimmers, this call is to you! Laurens gives all the outdoor junkies want they want. The town is filled with plenty of national forests and hunting spots to never get tired with.

As if you need another reason to convince you to move to Laurens, the town offers arts and events throughout the year for all ages to enjoy. When the holidays arrive, and the weather gets nice and cool, the city becomes dazzled with seven Christmas parades.

In order to help preserve the culture and history, moving to Laurens means helping in preserving the heritage through education and preservation. Children and adults who to move to Laurens can go visit the museum that’s open on Thursdays and Sundays. If you do decide to visit, make sure to make an appointment; or you can go online and view many of the events being held each year in Laurens. Laurens movers are also proud to dote on the fact this city has some of the best top-rated school in South Carolina.

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