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Moving to Utah

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Moving to Utah? All My Sons Moving & Storage is one of the best moving companies in Utah. Our movers in Utah can help get your belongings there safely. Call us today to get your free no-obligation quote! 

Utah is a great place to live for several reasons. The cost of living is competitive and offers a high standard of living, plus Utah’s economy is growing faster than the nation’s. The climate has four seasons, allowing plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures such as off-road exploring, hiking, camping, water sports, rock climbing, and skiing. Finally, Utah has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, which may be because Utah’s residents are described to be some of the nicest people in the USA. 

Utah does have some downfalls. There are several taxes in Utah, including taxes on income, property, gas, cigarettes, and alcohol. House prices in the area are on the rise. Also, if you are not religious, you may find it uncomfortable to live with more than 60% of the population belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as Mormons. Finally, the climate can be extreme. Its summers can top 115 degrees Fahrenheit and drop below minus 20 degrees. If you are still determined to move to Utah, use the All My Sons Moving & Storage Moving Out of State Tips below. 

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Utah?

To begin, take measurements of your new home. This will help clarify what belongings you will be moving. Label the items and include what room you want them in. Write if they are fragile or should be opened first. For your unwanted items, decide whether it is appropriate to sell, donate, or trash them. 

Next, call All My Sons Moving & Storage to speak with our movers in Utah. Decide what type of insurance you would like and the date you want to move. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Also, check with building maintenance if there are any moving regulations you need to adhere to. Lastly, verify if your town requires a parking permit for moving vehicles. 

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Utah?

Contact your employer and let them know what days you need off, and update your payroll information. Next, if you have children, transfer their school and medical records. As for your pets, take them to their vet to obtain their vaccinations, medication, ID tags, and paperwork. 

Contact the DMV to change your license and registration. Forward your mail by updating your address with the United States Post Office, and remember to update your insurance. Contact the Social Security Administration, Veteran Affairs, and IRS, if applicable. Notify your bank, credit card company, and any other lenders, and change or cancel your subscriptions and memberships. You should also gather important numbers like public safety and other imperative public agencies

Finally, call your utility companies. Schedule a final meter reading. Have the new companies turn on your utilities such as gas, electric, cable, trash, water, and sewage

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Utah?

Time to tie up loose ends. Pick up dry cleaning, return library books, and backup your computer. Buy drinks for moving day to stay hydrated, and get some cash to tip your movers. You’ll want to check the weather channel. Make a moving kit that includes personal information, keys, and directions. Next, clean your house and donate any leftover food. Finally, turn off your freezer, let it defrost, and drain your water hoses. 

What Do I Do On Moving Day?

Protect your walls and floors. Then, audit your belongings when they move on and off the moving truck. If there are any damages, file a claim. Use your floor map and labels to direct the movers. Lastly, tip the movers, and write a review. If you were renting, do a final walk-through with your landlord, get your deposit, and return the key. All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to congratulate you on a successful move! For a more detailed moving checklist, click here to access the Ultimate Moving Checklist.

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