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Colorado has many perks. If you are a nature-enthusiast, Colorado is a perfect spot to relocate. The infamous Rocky Mountain National Park is a national highlight. The ski resort towns Vail and Aspen are world-renowned. Mesa Verde National Park is home to the Ancestral Pueblo ruins, inhabited from 600 AD to 1300 AD. If you want to see dinosaur fossils, head to the Dinosaur National Monument. You could also visit the second most visited mountain in the world Pikes Peak. We suggest you take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway up the 14,115-foot mountain. Colorado is also home to the tallest sand dunes in North America called the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. You can climb and slide the 750-foot dune or test your boarding skills. Colorado offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. It also has a high-quality health care system, low tax rate, low unemployment rate, and a strong economy. Need we say more? 

There are a few pitfalls to be aware of. First, the cost of homes has skyrocketed due to the increase in demand. The cost of living is also slightly higher than in other states. Plus, due to the influx of newcomers, cities are experiencing overcrowding and traffic congestion. However, don’t let that stop you! If your heart is settled on Colorado, use our Moving Out of State Checklist below!

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Colorado?

To begin, measure your new home. Get an idea of what you are able to fit into your new space and what you will need to leave behind. For the items you cannot live without, start labeling them. Include a description, what room you want it in, if it is fragile, and whether it should be opened first. For any of your belongings that no longer serve you, try selling or donating them. If you opt to trash any items, please do so properly. 

The next order of business is to call All My Sons Moving & Storage Colorado movers. We will walk you through the moving process by discussing packing services, insurance options, and move-in dates. At this time, you should also contact building maintenance, if applicable, to find out their moving regulations. Further, check if your town requires a parking permit for moving trucks or similar vehicles.

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Colorado?

Tell your employer what days you need off, and update your payroll information. If you have school-age children, enroll them in school and send their school and medical records. If you are a pet owner, contact your vet and obtain their record, ID tags, medications and double-check that they are up to date on vaccinations. 

You need to update your license and registration information with the DMV, update your insurance, and change your address with the Post Office to forward your mail. If applicable, contact the Social Security Administration, Veteran Affairs, and the IRS. Change or cancel any membership or subscriptions, and remember to notify your bank, credit card company, and lenders. Also, schedule your final meter readings with your utility companies, including the gas, electricity, trash, cable, water, and sewage companies. 

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Colorado?

Time to wrap things up! Make a moving kit and buy plenty of drinks to stay hydrated for moving day. Go to the ATM for cash to tip the movers. Clean your home, donate any leftover food, return library books, and pick up dry cleaning. The night before your move, unplug your freezer and drain your water hoses. 

What Do I Do On Moving Day? 

First, protect the walls and floors. Audit your belongings when they go on and off the moving truck, and fill out a claim if anything is damaged. Using your floor plan and labels, direct the movers where you want your items placed. Tip the movers, and be sure to write a review. If you were renting previously, do a final walk-through with your landlord. Okay, you did it! Congratulations! For a more detailed moving checklist, check out the All My Sons Moving and Storage Ultimate Moving Checklist. And when you’re ready to make the next move in Colorado, contact us for a free moving quote today!

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