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Ward At A Glance

Take A Glance At Ward Colorado

Ward Colorado is situated a dozen miles Northeast of Boulder.
In 1859 Gold was discovered near Gold Hill, by following the Left Hand Creek up the canyon prospectors found what was to become known as the Columbia vein. Calvin Ward staked a claim nearby and the roots of the town were planted.

The vein was one of the most significant finds in the region and attracted many fortune seekers. Soon a tent city, called Columbia City sprang up. In 1861 the Ward Mining District was founded. As families began to come to Ward more services were needed, and in 1863 the first school and post office were constructed.

By the end of the century the population had blossomed to over a thousand and the Town of Ward officially incorporated in 1896. Because of its mountainous location transportation had always been a problem. After a failed first attempt, in 1897 construction of a rail line began. With the arrival of rail in 1888 the local economy boomed.

With better transportation tourism began to flourish in Ward. Easterners eager to experience “The Switzerland Trail of America” flocked to the area. Tourist hotels began to appear in Ward and neighboring the neighboring communities. Other businesses, including a newspaper and an opera house soon followed.

Ward suffered a major setback when a devastating fire destroyed the town. Had the ton been wholly dependent on tourism and commerce it probably would have been abandoned. The presence of the mines prevented this turn of events and the town was rebuilt.

With the closing of the mines in the early 1900s the town suffered. By the 1920s resident population plunged, only growing during the summer tourism season. During the winter the town was practically deserted. In the 1960s Ward became a haven for the counter culture movement and many so-called hippies moved to the area. Today with a population 190 “and many dogs”, Ward is a quiet picturesque mountain paradise.

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