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Essential Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

We'll share professional packing tips for moving in a hurry that will make your move less stressful.

When you’re getting ready to move, packing can seem like an incredibly daunting task if you're in a hurry. But, with the right preparation, packing doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together some awesome packing tips to help you save time, money, and stress during your packing process. Whether you’re moving one apartment, your business, or an entire home, you need to pack properly for a successful move. Make sure to check out these tips before you get started on packing for your upcoming move!

Essential Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Moving your family from one home to another doesn’t have to be a total headache when you're moving in a hurry. We’ve put together some tips that make packing your home an easier process. Here are some valuable packing tips for moving in a hurry with your family.
  • Get the kids involved. Keeping the kids entertained during your move starts with the packing process. While you shouldn’t make the kids responsible for the entire packing process, you should give them a little responsibility. Consider having the kids pack up their stuffed animals or books, so they’re both involved and responsible for their moves.
  • Keep an inventory. Make sure that you keep track of everything that you pack while moving in a hurry. This way, you know everything that’s packed and ready to go. An inventory can help ensure that you keep track of everything for your move.
  • Pack in order of importance. Make sure that you’re packing things in order of importance when moving in a hurry. Don’t pack items you use daily first. Instead, pack winter coats, decorations, and other items you may not use as frequently first. This way, you won’t be rummaging through boxes the week of your move as you search for your toothbrush that you packed too early.
  • Get smart with supplies. Sure, bubble wrap and padding can help keep your items secure during a move. But, did you know that you have lots of top-quality packing supplies on hand? Use t-shirts, towels, and other soft items to pad items in moving boxes. You’ll have to pack these items one way or another, and packing them as filler helps you save money.
  • Fill boxes properly. When filling boxes, make sure that you’re planning for carrying these boxes. Even if you’re not personally picking them up and moving them, you need to make sure that they can be picked up easily. For heavier items, such as books, stick with smaller boxes that don’t weigh too much. Make sure to put lighter items on top.
  • Label everything. It can feel a little excessive to label absolutely every box, but it’s important! You want to make sure that you know what’s in each box so that you won’t be confused on moving day. Make sure to indicate the contents of each box and label them depending on rooms. Of course, make sure to mark fragile boxes as such so they don’t get damaged!
  • Draw some arrows. You should draw arrows on your boxes so you know the direction that they’re supposed to be placed in. Think of it like a “this side up” message, you want to make sure you’re not loading boxes upside down. Families can easily  hurry and pack for their move if they follow these above tips. Your family should start the packing process early to ensure everything is properly packed for the move. Make sure to use the right supplies for the job!
  • Packing Tips for Businesses. Many of the packing tips that help families can also be applied to commercial moves. Make sure to start packing early, and to use the right materials. As with packing homes, make sure to pack in order of importance so all necessities stay accessible. There are some additional tips that can help when it comes to packing for a commercial move.
  • Get the whole company involved. To expedite the packing process, teams can be responsible for packing their own offices or equipment. This way, everyone has a sense of community during the move. Make sure to show employees the proper packing techniques for more fragile items to ensure everyone’s following the right steps.
  • Pack in waves. For some moves, employers are looking to keep productivity in order. This can mean packing and moving in waves. Rather than packing and moving the entire business at once, owners can determine the right sections to move one at a time. This way, productivity still flows.
  • Move chairs as-is. While  moving in a hurry it may seem ideal to put computer chairs and conference room chairs into boxes, these pieces of furniture can often be moved on their own. Simply remove the wheels so the chairs don’t move around during transportation.
  • Back everything up. If you don’t already have your important files all backed up, make sure to save copies of everything. Store these copies in a secure, remote place, such as a server or file hosting system. This way, you can rest easy knowing everything is kept in order.
  • Take photos. If you’re not 100% sure how to hook important electronics back up once you’ve reached your new location, make sure that you take photos before unplugging everything. You can also label cables, so you know where they go once you’re at your new location.
  • Ship your inventory. Some inventory may be able to get to your new location before you do, definitely when you're moving in a hurry. A great packing tip is to send things to your new location long before moving day. This way, you’ll have inventory available upon arrival.Just as with residential moves, commercial moves take a little extra work to plan and coordinate properly. But with a little hard work, you can manage to successfully pack and move. The key is to work smarter, not harder! Use the packing supplies you already have, and make packing a group activity.

Get Started Early with These Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Make sure that you’re taking your time when you’re packing for your move in a hurry. If you rush, you may forget to pack the right items, or you may wrap things improperly and leave them at risk of getting damaged. So, plan to pack long before your move so you’ve got the right amount of time to pack properly. Ideally, you’ll start packing 6-8 weeks before your move. We know, that seems really early. But remember, packing up in a hurry for a move can be a long process if you’re not doing things right! And you don’t want to spend all day packing. So, by starting long before moving day, you’ll be able to leisurely pack at your own pace.

We hope that these packing tips for moving in a hurry will make it easier when it’s time for your move. Whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, or even internationally, you need to pack things up properly to get the job done. Take a look at these tips, and try to come up with some packing hacks of your own when it’s time to get started on your move. Happy packing!