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What Is a Full-Service Moving Company?

The Best Full-Service Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage

When moving, there are tons of decisions to be made and work to get done. No matter the distance covered, no matter how many hands you have on deck, there’s no avoiding the time-consuming tasks of a move. A lot can go wrong if you don’t have the right sort of help. Rather than trying to handle a move on your own, let the full-service moving company of All My Sons Moving & Storage do it for you. 


While you may be familiar with the term “full-service movers,” you may be surprised to hear everything a full-service moving company can do. A standard moving company will, of course, load and unload the truck. With a team like ours at All My Sons Moving & Storage, you’re provided the usual and can expect the exceptional.

What Do Full-Service Movers Do?

The purpose of a full-service moving company is to allow you to find everything you need for your move in the same place. From residential to even corporate moves, at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we want to make your move a little bit easier. While you are concentrating on your children adjusting to the new place or your new business plan, let us take care of the big picture.

Complete Packing Services

Perhaps one of the most dreaded aspects associated with a move is packing and just thinking about the daunting task of fitting all your worldly possessions into a truck. Add in the specialized care required for fragile or oblong items, and you may find yourself having a full-blown panic attack. With our full-service moving package, you can let our experienced relocation specialists take care of all your packing needs. 

Professional Packing Supplies

Beyond just tape and boxes, a full-service moving company will have moving blankets, furniture pads, and cardboard for your most uniquely shaped items. You will be able to focus on more important matters rather than how in the world you are going to pack up that fragile bar sign or transfer your great grandmother’s rocking chair. If you do decide to pack yourself, you can still purchase professional packing supplies from our reputable moving company.

Additional Abstract Services 

Depending on the timing of your move, you may require storage to hold your stuff until you get into your new place. A full-service moving company will often have its own storage units for this purpose. This takes the stress out of coordinating between two different companies. We are fit to store any possible belongings and will work with your schedule to keep your items secure and always ready to move.

How to Prepare for Full-Service Movers

It should come as no surprise that our professional movers will take care of both loading and unloading the truck. If you work with All My Sons Moving & Storage, you will not need to worry about heavy lifting or getting your items to the new home or office. Your main job is to be the director of your move, letting our team know what needs to be packed and what belongs together. 

Before our movers show up, take time to declutter your house and put our team in the best position to move freely through the hallways. If you’re worried about last-minute scuff marks draining your security deposit, put down some plastic on the floors and create a makeshift barrier along the wall. Our expert movers will handle everything with the utmost care. Be prepared for a long day of playing the guiding hand while you move. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently we work.

Cost of Full-Service Moving Companies

The cost of a full-service moving company includes packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and all the supplies, labor, and equipment that goes into the relocation. The price will fluctuate depending on numerous factors, not limited to the size of your home and belongings, the number of trucks needed to complete your move, and the distance between your old home and new. It’s very difficult to nail down a specific price range given all of these factors. But if you’re considering a move with All My Sons Moving & Storage, contact us today, and you’ll receive a free, no-obligation quote from one of our expert relocation specialists. With All My Sons Moving & Storage, you know you’ll be taken care of like family!