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Are you planning on moving to Leawood, South Carolina? The professional Greenville movers are here to help you relocate to zip code 29609! There is no need to have a stressful move when the dedicated Leawood movers can handle everything for you.

Demographics of Leawood

There are some notable characteristics of the Leawood, a suburban neighborhood of Greenville. The average home costs a little over $400,000, with rentals averaging less than $1,000. Most of the homes in our neighborhood are studios to two-bedroom homes. You can also find medium-sized homes or three- or four-bedroom single-family homes. A large number of the residences in Leawood are newer and built after 2000.

Things to Do in Leawood

Now that you are more familiar with the demographics of Leawood let’s discuss a few activities! Thankfully our local Greenville movers are here to share a few things to do in Leawood after moving to town.   

1. Piney Mountain Park

Right in your new backyard is the beautiful Piney Mountain Park. This community park has a playground, picnic area and a walking trail. Enjoy a breath of fresh air as your kids run around the playground. This is also a great way to meet your new neighbors of Leawood. There is ample parking and the facilities cater to all visitors. Enjoy the wonderful scenery of Leawood at Piney Mountain Park.

2. Regal Cherrydale

After moving to Leawood, you should cool off with a blockbuster film at Regal Cherrydale. This movie theater is less than 10 minutes away from your new home. The Leawood movers highly recommend watching the latest movies at this theater because the plush seats are so comfortable and the concession stand is fantastic. Enjoy the flavors of hot, fresh popcorn as you kick back and relax during your showtime.

3. White Duck Taco Shop
Our team understands how hungry you might be after moving to Leawood. Thankfully, White Duck Taco Shop is under 10 minutes from your new home! Are you ready to savor the best tacos in all of Leawood and Greenville? This fast-casual restaurant in Leawood focuses on great tasting fusion tacos with low price points. Choose from a wide range of tacos like jerk chicken, crispy chicken, Korean beef, lamb gyro and mushroom potato. Everything on their menu is a la carte to ensure their products are affordable.

Moving Services in Leawood

Moving to Leawood is easier with the help of our dedicated moving company. Our professional team has over 20 years of experience. You will be assigned a moving consultant as soon as you call to help customize your move to zip code 29609. There is no need to have a stressful move! Let our team handle everything to reduce your stress. We will carefully pack and unpack your belongings as part of our Greenville packing services. Are you ready to book your move today? Call us to receive your free, no-obligation quote.