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Located a short 7 miles west of Oklahoma City lies the small town of Bethany. Incorporated in 1910, Bethany’s history is steeped in cowboy and Indian undertones. Going all the way back to the 1800s, the land where Bethany is located originally belonged to the Creek Indians. When Western civilization came in to colonize it, it was often disputed who it belonged to. Both France and Spain claimed it at some point, but in 1819 it officially became part of the United States. Up until the civil war, the Creek Indians inhabited this land and held war councils, along with having their own civilization. After the civil war, the U.S. decided that the territory was better suited for Americans and sent the native Indians of the area packing. From 1866 forward, the land where Bethany stands, was in the making to become the lovely Bethany that it is today.

Established in 1909, and incorporated in 1910, the town of Bethany was founded by a reverend as a religious sanctuary. With its religious roots, Bethany did not have a separation of church and state for a while; there were laws on the book that prevented Sunday happenings that included things like alcohol, tobacco, dancing, movies, and even working. These laws did not stick around for long, as the city changed its government structures. In 1930, a tornado came through and almost obliterated the town, but it recovered from the damage. When WWII occurred, the city was revived and it has been thriving ever since.

Bethany is one of those places that has the small-town feel, yet has all of the amenities of a large city. It is part of the Oklahoma City metro area and commuting back and forth is as easy as can be. Moving to Oklahoma City, and its surrounding suburbs has never been so easy. All My Sons Oklahoma City Moving & Storage Company of Bethany has the perfect movers for your specific needs. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to make your move as easy as possible. Whether you need someone to handle your move from start to finish, or you just need some extra hands when it comes to heavy lifting, moving to Bethany has never been so simple. Give us a call today!

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