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Moving to Idaho? Here is some insight into why people are moving to Idaho. Known as the “Gem State” due to its natural beauty, Idaho has plenty of outdoor activities to do year-round. Plus, it is a large state, with a small population, and people are generally friendly. Finally, the crime rate and the cost of living are low compared to the national averages. 

One downfall Idaho has is its infrastructure. Its roads were not built to handle a lot of commuters so there are more traffic jams. This is predicted to be an ongoing trend with the influx of immigration to the state, and there is no public transportation. Also, for those who like to shop, Idaho has a limited number of stores, so you may have to resort to shopping online.  

What is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Idaho?

Now that you have decided to move to Idaho you should begin taking measurements of your new home. This will be useful in determining whether your furniture will be able to fit through the door structures, and also allow you to create a floor plan. Once you have finalized your floor plan begin sorting your belongings into 4 piles, take, toss, donate, and sell. 

Make sure you label the items you are taking and which room you want them in. Be sure to label the box “fragile” or “open first” when applicable. For items, you are throwing away make sure you follow proper procedures. For items, you are donating call one of the local charitable organizations to schedule a free pick-up. Finally, for the items, you are selling post them on OfferUp or a similar platform. Check out the All My Sons Moving Checklist for more information.

Once you have only the items you are taking, call our Idaho movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Discuss movers insurance, any difficult pieces that need to be moved such as a piano, and receive our free no-obligation quote. Once you have picked your moving date, inform the HOA if appropriate because they may have their own set of moving rules. Also, some cities like Boise may require parking permits the day of your move, be sure to check. 

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Idaho?

There are several contacts you need to inform about your move. First, tell your employer. Then, contact schools if you have children, and a vet for your pets. Update your information with the post office, DMV, Department of Veteran Affairs, Insurance, IRS, credit cards, banks, loans, subscriptions, and social security administration. Also, call utility companies such as gas, electric, garbage, cable, water, and sewage. It is important to make sure your new address is fully functional when you move into it, and that your meter readings are read before you move out. In case of emergencies, it is wise to have the public safety information, police, fire department, and other public departments on hand. 

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Idaho?

Your moving day is almost here! It is time to take care of last-minute business. Remember to pick up your dry cleaning, return library books, anything that belongs to your family or friends. Start cleaning out your fridge for food you are not able to eat or take with you, several food banks may be interested in taking it off your hands. Also, make a moving kit that includes directions, keys, personal information, and your most valued possessions. The night before unplug your freezer and water hoses. 

What Do I Do on Moving Day?

Stay hydrated! Your main focus is to audit your belongings when they are loaded and unloaded. Note any discrepancies to file a claim later if necessary. Have a friend or family member use your floor plan to direct the movers to the proper locations. Make sure your utility meters are read. If you rented, do a final walk-through with your landlord, return the key, and get your deposit back. You did it! Congratulations you have successfully moved to Idaho! For a more detailed moving list, check out the All My Sons Moving & Storage Moving Checklist.

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