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How to Pull off the Perfect Move

Moving to Virginia? Call All My Sons Moving & Storage to get your FREE no-obligation quote today!  We are one of the best moving companies in Virginia, with over 30 years of experience! Here are the best moving suggestions we have learned over the years.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Virginia?

The first thing All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests is to measure your new home and create a floor map. The map will give you an idea of what items you will fit into your new home and what items you probably should get rid of. You will also find it beneficial on moving day, as you can use it to help guide your movers. 

After you accomplish this task, start separating your belongings into four categories: trash, donate, sell and keep. Label the items you are moving by legibly writing what contents are in the box and the room you want it in. Don’t forget to write if it is fragile or needs to be opened right away. 

Once you have sorted your belongings, call the All My Sons Moving & Storage movers in Virginia. We will help you choose an insurance package and moving date. Then, check if your building or town has any moving regulations, such as parking permits for moving trucks. 

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Virginia?

There are several contacts you need to inform about your move. Tell your employer to let them know if you need time off and to have payroll update your contact information. If you are a parent, you must enroll your children in school and transfer their transcripts and medical records. If you are a fur parent, ask your veterinarian if your pet is up-to-date on all their vaccinations and get their medications, paperwork, and ID tags. 

Schedule with your utility companies for them to do a final meter reading and to close your accounts. Next, turn on your utilities to your new home, including gas, electricity, cable, trash, water, and sewage. Also, you will want to have phone numbers for your new neighborhood public safety and other public agencies

You will need to update your driver’s license and registration at the DMV. Also, fill out the change of address form at the Post Office. Then, contact the following if applicable: Social Security Administration, IRS, insurance, Veteran Affairs, bank, creditors, subscriptions, and memberships. Finally, send out an email to let all your loved ones know you are moving. Title it something clever like, “Your Guest House Has Moved.”

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Virginia?

Now you are on the countdown. Clean your house from top to bottom, or hire someone to do it, and donate unwanted food to a local food bank. Return any miscellaneous items to their owners, and backup your computer. Put together a moving kit that will contain all pertinent information and items such as keys, identification, and cash to tip the movers. Stock up on refreshments so you don’t get dehydrated on the big day. Last but not least, unplug your freezer and drain your water hoses. 

What Do I Do On Moving Day?

The big day has arrived! Time to protect your walls and floors before the movers arrive. While the movers are loading and unloading your belongings, make sure you keep an inventory of your items’ conditions. If there are any damages, make sure you file an insurance claim. Remember to use your floor map and labels to help direct the movers. Finally, tip and review the movers. If you were previously renting, don’t forget to do a final walkthrough with your landlord. Congratulations, and welcome to Virginia! If you found this useful, check out the All My Sons Moving & Storage detailed moving checklist entitled Is There A Checklist For Moving? For any other questions, call All My Sons Moving & Storage movers in Virginia, and call now to get your free, no-obligation quote!

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