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Questions to Ask Your Movers

Important Things to Remember When Moving

Questions to Ask Movers Before Your Move

We know moving to a new home can be an overwhelming process. All My Sons Moving & Storage has the top questions to ask your moving company before the big day.

Do I Have to Pack Everything in My House?

No, you do not! When you choose a full-service moving and packing company like All My Sons Moving & Storage, your team of experienced movers will pack whatever you desire. We use quilt-pad wrapping to prevent nicks and scratches. We will disassemble and reassemble furniture. And we will make sure your valuables are handled as if they are our own.

Does an Estimator Need to Come to My House First?

Not necessarily! We have moving down to a science, and when you connect with a moving specialist at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we can often give you an estimate right away. We will ask basic questions such as where you are moving, how many flights or steps are involved, and how many bedrooms you have. For larger homes, we offer a free in-home or virtual estimate to make sure there are no surprises during your move.

How Much Will It Cost Me?  How Long Will My Move Take?

These are certainly two of the most important questions to ask your moving company. All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving families for more than 30 years, so we’re pretty good at this. It typically takes movers about one hour per fully furnished room. That’s about 30 minutes to load and 30 minutes to unload in your new home. Rest assured, your professional movers will give you 60 minutes of hard work every hour and are rewarded for doing so. You will only be charged for the time used. Your moving specialist will make sure you fully understand the cost of your move and answer every question along the way!

If My Moving Date Needs to Change, Is That Okay?

Most families book their moves 6 to 8 weeks in advance, so schedules can fill up quickly. Your movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage would love to secure a spot for you as soon as possible and fully understand if the day needs to change. As long as your new date is still available, you can change it for free!

Do You Offer Moving Insurance?

This is a very important question, as we know you want peace of mind with every step of your full-service move. Your move with All My Sons Moving & Storage includes standard valuation protection per item in the event something happens. We will also help you secure additional insurance if you desire!

Is There Anything You Are Not Allowed to Move for Me? 

When you choose a full-service moving company, your professional movers will be able to move almost everything! However, there are some things that can not or should not be moved. These include live plants, ammunition, money, jewelry, perishable items, and flammables. Your moving company also recommends you personally move any important and sentimental items such as sensitive documents, small collectibles, and photo albums.

Will You Unpack Everything at My New Home?

If your full-service moving company packs everything, they will be happy to unpack as well! All My Sons Moving & Storage wants the end of your move to be just as stress-free as the beginning, so your team will be ready to unpack your belongings just where you want them. All that’s left for you to do is settle into your new home and celebrate your success!

Let Our Family Move Yours

There are so many questions to ask your movers, and all of them may not have been answered here. When you call for your free, no-obligation quote, your team of moving specialists at All My Sons Moving & Storage will make sure you get every answer you need. Let our family move yours today!