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Moving to Bloomington, Minnesota with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Minnesota is a unique state. With more coastline than any other state, the largest mall in the country, and the oldest continuously running theatre, it’s clear to see why it is such a treasure. And Bloomington is no exception to the level of uniqueness. Located ten miles south of Minneapolis, Bloomington is home to the largest mall in the country, the Mall of America. With more jobs per capita than Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Bloomington is the fourth largest city in the state of Minnesota. The thing is, of all the great things about Bloomington, being ten miles south of Minneapolis has got to be the greatest. Not only do you get to enjoy all of the amenities of Bloomington, but just a short ten miles away you get a whole new set of amenities, making it a great place to live and work.

Moving to Bloomington? All My Sons Moving & Storage is ready to help. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and we’ve worked hard to make the art of moving as simple as possible. We know how to handle your move from start to finish; coming up with a game plan to reassemble your furniture at your new home. We are always ready to help make your move as simple and as stress free as possible.

All My Sons Moving & Storage offers a wide variety of services - ranging from local to international moves, storage options, and even the option to leave your clothes in your dresser, we know how to take the stress out of moving. Whether you need someone to do your move with every step, or just for heavy lifting, we can help.

Our professional movers are highly trained, experienced, and move your belongings with care. Moving a piano? We have everything necessary to move yours, so you can feel at ease. Moving pianos is a skill that takes expertise and we have men who specialize in it.

Let All My Sons Moving & Storage take care of your move. Moving with care is our number one priority, along with making your move as easy as possible. Give us a call today!