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All My Sons Moving & Storage is one of the best full-service moving companies in the United States. With over 40 years of experience, our professional movers have created the ultimate moving checklist to make your move a breeze. If you are moving to Missouri, this list of things to know before moving, our moving checklist, was made for you! If you have any questions, give us a call, and be sure to get your FREE no-obligation quote at the same time! 

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Missouri?

When you find your new home, take measurements, which will help you identify what furniture will fit in your new home and what items you may need to reconsider moving. Next, create a floor plan as this will be essential on moving day. About eight weeks out, start organizing your commodities. The items that you are moving should be labeled. Describe what is in the box, what room the box should be placed in, if the items are fragile, and if you should open this box first. If you have complicated wiring systems, take a picture of them to reference when the time comes to rewire in your new home. Next, decide to sell, donate, or trash the items that are no longer useful.

When these steps are completed, call All My Sons Moving & Storage. You will pick the level of insurance and moving date you would like. Also, verify with building maintenance (if applicable) if you need to follow any specific moving rules. Plus, check with the town if you need special parking permits for moving trucks. 

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move to Missouri?

First, you should tell your employer you are moving. Let them know you need a few days off and update your information with payroll. If you have children, enroll them in their new schools, and transfer their medical paperwork. For pets, schedule an appointment with the vet. You should update them on their vaccinations and obtain their paperwork, ID tags, and medications. 

Contact your utility companies to have a final meter reading, and turn on your utilities at your new home including, electricity, gas, trash, cable, water, and sewage. It is also good to have emergency numbers on hand, such as public safety or other essential public agencies

Finally, contact the DMV to update your license and registration. Change your address with the Post Office, and contact your bank, credit card company, and other lenders. Remember to cancel or change your memberships and subscriptions. If applicable, call the Department of Veteran Affairs, Social Security Administration, IRS, and insurance.

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving to Missouri?

The clock is winding down. It is time to deep clean your home. Donate any food you are not able to consume to a food bank. Return miscellaneous items to family and friends, plus return your library books and pick up your dry cleaning. Check the weather channel for updates on your upcoming moving day. Buy plenty of liquids to stay hydrated, and take money out to tip your movers. Finally, unplug your freezer, and drain your water hoses.

What Do I Do On Moving Day?

Almost done! Protect your walls and floors. Then, audit your belongings as they move on and off the truck because if anything gets damaged, you’ll need to make a note and submit a claim. Use your floor plan and labels to help direct the movers. Once all is said and done, tip your movers, and write a review. If you were previously renting, don’t forget to do a final walkthrough with your landlord. Congratulations! You officially moved to Missouri! If you would like a more detailed moving checklist to check out All My Sons Moving & Storage Checklist For Moving! Now, if you’re ready to take the first step towards pulling off a perfect move in Missouri, contact us and receive a free moving quote today!

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