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Who to Notify When You Move

Don't Leave Anyone Out When Relocating

Are you moving around the block, across town, or across the country? It’s crucial to know who to notify when you move, so life doesn’t get interrupted any more than it needs to! All My Sons Moving & Storage has more than 30 years of experience moving families, so we know exactly what needs to happen when you change your address.

Best Place to Start: The Post Office

As soon as you know where you are moving to, your first stop should be the post office. You should request a free moving packet, which includes a change of address form. The packet also includes several other handy tips and valuable coupons to help you save some money when furnishing your new home. If you don’t want to visit the post office in person, you can also request a change of address online for a small fee at the official USPS® Change of Address site. Completing this form will ensure all of your important mail gets forwarded to your new address for a full year.

The Government

While the change of address form takes care of a lot, it may not cover everything. You should also notify these government agencies about your new address.

Utilities and Other Businesses

Make sure to notify all of these utilities and other businesses. If you get a bill from them, tell them where you are going. Don’t get billed for anything at your old house after you move out, and make sure you are covered at your new address when you get there.

  • The electric company (new and old address)

  • Water and/or sewer company (new and old address)

  • Trash service (new and old address)

  • Your bank

  • Your credit card companies

  • Your phone/internet/cable provider(s)

  • Your insurance providers

Subscription Services

If you get meal kits, magazines, medicine, or anything else delivered to your home on a recurring basis, it’s imperative to tell them about your move! The post office will typically not forward heavier items, and you don’t want to pay for anything sent to your old address. 

Online Shopping Websites

Before you move, it’s also a good idea to change your address at the online shopping websites you frequently use. This will avoid the common mistake of purchasing something in a hurry - only to have it shipped to your old address!

Your Employer

Whether you are keeping your job or starting a new career adventure, make sure your employer has your new address. This will ensure your pay and benefits are not interrupted or that you get your final paycheck and end-of-year documents at your new address.

Your Friends and Family

Don’t forget to tell the most important people in your life where you are off to! There are many online printing companies that offer inexpensive cards that you can mail to everyone on your holiday card list. You can also email or text, but don’t send a group message. This will avoid the potential for people “replying all” and creating a chain that few people will want to be a part of!

Let Our Family Move Yours

When you are changing your address, All My Sons Moving & Storage is ready to help you every step of the way. Our full-service movers have more than 30 years of experience moving families across the United States. We specialize in residential moves and can also provide all of the packing services and packing supplies you need. Don’t want to pack anything yourself? Let our professional movers do the work for you! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and let our family move yours!