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What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving?

Are you looking for quality Albuquerque movers? All My Sons Moving & Storage has created the only moving checklist you will ever need to get there successfully. Try to begin about eight (8) weeks out. You can begin by measuring your new home, as you will need to verify that your furniture will fit through the doorways. We highly suggest you create a floor plan, which will help you know what you will need to take and what you can do without. Once you have completed this step, start sorting your belongings. Label the items you are taking by describing the content and which room you plan on putting it in. For the items you are not taking, decide whether you would like to sell, donate, or trash them. OfferUp is a great resource to sell items you no longer find useful. For gently used items, you can donate to the Albuquerque Salvation Army. If you have many items you want to trash, you may consider investing in a trash bin rental; however, pay attention to hazardous items. You can take a look at Albuquerque’s proper waste disposal website to make sure you are throwing them out correctly.

When you have a better idea of what you are taking, it is time to call All My Sons Moving & Storage. If you want to call other moving companies in Albuquerque, NM, make sure you verify them first at the Better Business Bureau. There are scammers out there, so beware! When getting your zero-obligation, free quote from All My Sons Moving & Storage, be sure to address if you have any difficult or larger pieces of furniture, such as a piano. All My Sons Moving & Storage Albuquerque movers have the proper tools and packing supplies to transport your instrument successfully. They can also pack other precious cargo pieces like grandfather clocks and pool tables. Finally, you will need to determine the amount of insurance you want to have on your move and find out what the relocation company is liable for. Once you have set a moving date, verify if you need to obtain a parking permit.

Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move?

There is a long list of phone calls you should start making about six (6) weeks before moving to Albuquerque. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests notifying your employer to update your payroll information, request time off, and verify if this move is tax-deductible. Following that conversation, you will need to contact (if applicable) the post office, Veteran Affairs, IRS, social security, DMV, school system, veterinarian, pharmacy, insurance, banks, and subscriptions, as well as public utilities like gas, electricity, sewage, and water. You may want to also know the contact information for public services, like the police department, fire station, and other public departments.

What Should I Do Two Weeks Before the Move?

Two weeks before moving, you will want to begin cleaning your home. Take an inventory of your food. If you do not think you will eat everything in the kitchen, contact a food bank. Don’t forget to tie up loose ends like picking up your dry cleaning or dropping off any library books. You may also want to service your car. Remember to backup your computer. Another good idea is to create a moving kit that will hold your keys, directions, money, and valuables. This kit should stick with you on the move.  The day before, do not forget to go to the ATM to grab tip money for your movers, and be sure to buy drinks. You are going to want to stay hydrated on the big day. Make sure your utility company comes out to get your final meter readings. Finally, the night before the move, you will want to defrost your freezer, unplug water hoses, and don’t forget to set your alarm!

What Do I Do on Moving Day?

It’s moving day! Time to get your move on! Start by protecting your walls and floors. Then, stand by the movers while they load your belongings onto the truck, so you can audit what has been loaded. When the movers unload the truck, you will be repeating this task, noting any discrepancy in the quality and filing a dispute, if necessary. That floor plan will also come in handy, so the movers can better understand where you want your belongings. Congratulations! You have moved! At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we hope to have informed you about your tasks to help you feel confident executing your plan successfully. Now that you know the main ticket items of moving, you need to call the most trusted company in the nation. All My Sons Moving & Storage has over four generations of experience in the moving industry. We’ve spent the better part of thirty years honing our skills and procedures to make sure our customers receive the best service possible. If you’re ready to take the next step in your move, contact us today to receive a free moving estimate.


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