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Packing Mistakes to Avoid

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It is no secret that packing for a move can be overwhelming and surprisingly done wrong. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we have seen our fair share of packing mistakes and horror stories from people making the most common misguided decisions when preparing for a move.To help ensure that you are packing your home the right way, here is a guide on packing mistakes to avoid for an easier move. 

Failure to Create a Moving Game Plan 

Our Boston local movers pride themselves on creating a moving game plan before arriving at any location. In an effort to save time, we recommend creating a strategic plan on how you plan on organizing and packing different rooms and their belongings. Packing your home without following a plan can waste time and you may pay the price once arriving at your new location. It will be difficult to unpack your home when your items are randomly packed in different boxes, ultimately making it hard to find most items. 

Overfilling Moving Boxes 

Another packing mistake to avoid that our Milton movers note is to ensure you do not overfill your moving boxes. Also considered one of the priciest moving mistakes this can increase the chances of your personal belongings getting damaged during the relocation process. This can also cause you or the movers to be injured from lifting excessively heaving boxes that are filled to the brim. A way to not only save time but also boxes is to take the time to separate the heavier items from lighter belongings and placing them in separate groups when packing up your home. Heavier items will then go into smaller boxes while the lighter items can go into larger boxes. 

Not Labeling Moving Boxes 

Our Franklin movers recommend labeling your moving boxes as you pack. A huge moving mistake we have seen time and time again can result in wasted time and misplace belongings. Avoid having to create a bigger mess by not having to open each and every box to find what’s inside when you get to your destination. Our Boston long-distance movers believe that purchasing labels is always a great way to stay organized. No time to purchase labels? Use a permanent marker and list the items that are inside right on top of the cardboard boxes! 

Waiting Until the Last Minute 

Probably the biggest moving mistake to avoid is waiting until the last minute! Our Westwood movers understand that packing your home can be time-consuming, and is not the easiest task. Don’t wait until the day of your move or even the night before to start preparing your home for relocation. Waiting until the last minute to pack can cause unnecessary stress, wasted time, and can even lead to a delayed moving date. Avoid this moving mistake by packing in advance! Another great way to avoid packing mistakes is to enlist the help of our Boston packing services to help alleviate the stress of packing and moving. 

Hiring a Moving Company in Boston 

Experience a seamless and stress free move with All My Sons Moving & Storage. We offer a wide range of moving services for all different types of moves!  Contact us today to speak with a moving consultant and receive a free no-obligation quote. Our specialists can walk you through our moving prices, answer any questions you may have, and create the best plan for your needs. We can’t wait to make your moving experience easy, fun, and one to remember!

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