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All My Sons Moving & Storage Boston is your family-owned and operated local moving company. Our primary focus is ensuring that every move is as safe and stress-free as possible for our customers, and now with the impacts of the coronavirus, that's even more true. Our trained team of Boston movers promise to take care of every step of the process. We understand that the most important thing to you is your safety and we plan to keep you safe during your move.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Boston?

All My Sons Moving & Storage knows all the in’s and out's of moving. If you are moving to Boston, here are some moving tips. First, start planning your move at eight weeks out. Get the measurements for your new home to ensure that the furniture you are moving can fit in this space and through the doors. Create a floor map of where you want your furniture located to be used on the move day. 

Now, it’s time to organize your belongings. You want to make three distinct labels: keep, donate, and trash. Don’t forget to return your friends’ or family’s belongings! There are various ways to sell your unwanted items, so check out the All My Sons moving checklist to see the various options. 

Depending on the level of trash you have and what it is will determine how long this step will take. If you have a lot of trash, rent a dumpster, and follow the company's instructions. If you have hazardous waste or recyclables, eliminate them mindfully. Once you have a donate pile, schedule a pick-up from a non-profit organization, it will save you the time and energy instead of dropping items off yourself. 

Who Do I Need To Tell When I Move to Boston?

Now, it’s time to call your movers. Schedule an appointment for the best Boston movers to come over and give you a quote. We will take care of all the necessary paperwork with you and help you choose a moving date. We also will inform you to request a Boston parking spot for the date of your move. If applicable, check with your building manager or HOA board to see if there are specific rules for your building. Also, take heed to Massachusetts Guns laws. Lastly, don’t forget to ask our Boston movers about dropping off moving packages and material so that you can start packing right away. 

After that, you have a lot of calls to make. Here is the list of important companies you should call. Let them know you are moving and update your information or cancel their service, including:

You will also need to update the following:

  • Government agencies including the DMV, Social Security Administration, Veteran Affairs, and the IRS

  • Post Office

  • Lawyer

  • Contractors

  • Doctors and pharmacists

  • Credit card companies and your bank

  • Subscriptions, accounts, or services such as those at a gym, your accountant, your pet’s veterinarian, your housekeeper, your landscaper, your pool maintenance person, and your Amazon account


Most importantly, notify your employer. You'll need to adjust your payroll information, request time-off on the day of the move, and check to see if you're eligible for tax deductions.

If you require hotel accommodations, you should book now. If you have kids, enroll them into a Boston Public School, and transfer their school record. Also, hire a sitter for your children on the day of the move. Some services can watch your elderly family members and your pets. Speaking of pets, if you have them, go to the vet to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all their vaccinations and to get their paperwork, ID tags, and medications. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment to service your car as well. Last but not least, tell your friends and family you are moving. A really easy way to do this is to send out an email. 

A week before you move, there is an app you may want to download called Nextdoor, which allows you to get to know your new neighbors. Another good idea is to find the local gas station, grocery store, and convenience store in your new neighborhood. All My Sons also put together a list of important contacts you may need:

  • Boston Police Station (617-343-4633)

  • Fire Operations (617-343-3550)

  • Public Facilities (617-635-0412)

  • Public Departments (almost all Boston government phone numbers can be found here)

What Should I Do 2 Weeks Before Moving to Boston?

A week or two out, be sure to back up your computer, return any library books, and pick up any dry cleaning. Make a moving day kit, including your money, keys to your new home, directions, personal information, toiletry items, and most valued possessions. This time is also perfect for cleaning your home now that everything has been packed. If you have a lot of food leftover that you are not planning on taking, some food banks would appreciate it.

The day before the move, check the weather channel, make sure you have cash (for tips), drain hoses for the washing machine and ice maker. Have the gas, electric, and water meters read for the last time. Finally, unplug the fridge and freezer and let them defrost, and don’t forget to set your alarm. 

What Do I Do On Moving Day?

On the day of the move, order food, protect your walls and floors and stick with the movers to audit your items as they go into the truck. Do a final walk-thru with your landlord if applicable. Take pictures, give back the key, and get your deposit back.

When you arrive at your new home, stick by the mover to audit your items again. Take note of any damages, as you will need to file a claim according to what your insurance document says. Have someone else direct the movers to where they should place these items (remember that floorplan you made eight weeks ago!) Now, congratulations! You did it! You have successfully settled into your new home. Pay and tip the movers, and don't forget to write a review!

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