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Welcome to Dover, Massachusetts. The population of Dover in 2019 was reported as 6,127, around a ten percent increase over the 2010 census. While Dover is ever-increasing in size, it's never lost the small-town feel that many find desirable. There's so much history through the streets of Dover. You'll feel like you've stepped back into a simpler time. Our Boston moving company loves Dover for its breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. This community is rich in hospitality but close enough to the big city to offer plenty of entertainment options.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we're excited to boast the best Dover, MA, movers in the great state of Massachusetts. Our Boston local movers are equipped to handle even the most difficult moves and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

How Far is Dover, MA, From Boston?

Dover is about 19 miles southwest of downtown Boston. Depending on traffic, the trip between should take around a half-hour, taking the two major interstates in Massachusetts, I-95 N and I-90 E.

If you're moving to Dover from the metropolitan area, you are well within our local Boston movers' distance limits. We'd be happy to take the stress away from your move with our full-service movers' expertise. Our movers will take care of everything, leaving you to focus on your mental and emotional well-being.

When Was Dover, MA, Founded?

The town of Dover, MA, was founded in 1836, though the first settlements on the land date back to 1640. In 1748, the area was declared part of the city of Dedham. It remained a part of Dedham until 1836 when it was officially incorporated as a town. The initial population of Dover was 631.

Things to Do in Dover, MA

Noanet Woodlands

Enjoy one of Massachusett's best-kept secrets tucked away just outside of Dover. The Noanet Woodlands boasts 17 miles of pristine hiking trails, perfect for bird watching and dog walking enthusiasts. The diverse wildlife and dense forest make this one of the best natural escapes in the Boston area. If you make it to Noanet Peak during the fall, you can see one of the prettiest views of the Boston skyline in the area. Our Dover, MA, movers are probably biased, but they mark the Noanet Woodlands as a can't-miss spot for anyone who appreciates the great outdoors.

Sawin Museum

The Sawin Memorial Building holds an entire history within its walls. Benjamin Sawin was an active member of the Dover Historical Society. While not a wealthy man, he understood the importance of preserving history in all its aspects. The Sawin Museum was completed in 1906 and has served as the historical benchmark for the city of Dover. If you're planning to call upon our Dover, MA, movers, it would be worth your while to check out the Sawin Museum to get an idea of the community you're moving into.

Charles River Peninsula

Originally farmland, this beautiful stretch of nature has become a preserved piece of land worth a walk-around. The intimate setting has been the site of many senior photoshoots in Massachusetts. The bend in the Charles River surrounding the peninsula turns nearly 180 degrees, making this a scenic and unique area. Galavant through the meadow and know you're in a peaceful place. For boat lovers, there's a boat-launching ramp adjacent to the peninsula.

Caryl House/Park

The Caryl family has been a guiding hand in the history of Dover since before the town was established. Benjamin Caryl was the first minister in the parish that would become a part of Dover. Back in 1777, Reverend Caryl built the Caryl House, and his descendants occupied it until the end of the 19th century. It has since been turned into a museum dedicated to the family's history and the history of Dover. Now over 200 years old, the house has been maintained and still holds true to the original architectural integrity. When you're done perusing the museum, which is set up to display life as it was in the 1790s, you can walk outside into the beautiful Caryl Park.

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