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There are many great cities near Boston, Massachusetts, and the city of Bedford is a great city to live in. Even though it's a small city, Bedford, Massachusetts, has a great history, many activities, and unique neighborhoods, providing many benefits to living in the city. With a steady population of 14,000, many people stay in Bedford and enjoy their lives. Learn more about the city in Bedford with All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our house movers in Bedford have helped people in Boston and the surrounding area move to their locations on time, and we want to ensure your moving day experience is smooth and that you receive everything you need.

Bedford Local History

The city of Bedford was founded in 1729 and was known to be a farming village during the 18th and 19th centuries. Then in the 20th century, government buildings started to rise, transforming the town into the suburbs. There are many historic sites in Bedford that you can visit, including the historical Bedford Depot, which is the train station that was built in 1846. You can also see the John Wilson Corn mill site, a landmark that has been there since 1685. There are so many other historical sites to see when living in Bedford. The Bedford Historical Society has preserved and shared the history of Bedford since 1893. You can find out anything about the history of the city on their website, as the Bedford Historical Society is online, and they host many events in the town that many locals enjoy including our Bedford local movers.

Life in Bedford

Bedford, Massachusetts, is located an hour away from Boston in Middlesex County. Many people consider Bedford to be the suburbs, as living in Bedford gives the residents a suburban feel, and many own their homes. The average amount of rain is about 48 inches per year, and Bedford's average amount of snow is 55 inches per year1. Many people expect a cold climate during the winter, but the temperature can rise to a high of around 90 degrees during the summer.

Even though Bedford is a small town, there are many benefits that people enjoy when living in Bedford. The public schools in Bedford are ranked number 32 in the state2. This city is about 21 miles away from Boston, so you can visit it without the strain of a long distance. If you need to fly privately, the Bedford, MA, airport is the choice for many people.

Bedford Entertainment

Our house movers in Bedford know of the many things to do in the city of Bedford. Bedford hosts many events like concerts, art museums, parks, bars, restaurants, and much more. You can find something to do almost every weekend. Every year the city has Bedford Day in September. It's a community event with a 5K, then a parade, a fair, and the day ends with fireworks. Many people don't know the origins of Bedford day. The Bedford Day that the residents know and celebrate is believed to have started in 1967 and continued from there. No matter the roots, many people enjoy the festivities and have a good time. On the city website, you can find out many events that are happening on the city calendar. There is something for everyone to enjoy, including many parks and other outdoor activities.

Let Our Family Move Yours!

To move to the great city of Bedford, contact the professionals at All My Son Moving & Storage. We have helped many people in the surrounding areas of Boston. Our Boston movers will make sure you have a schedule to follow for a hassle-free moving experience. Whether you're moving down the street across town, our movers will handle your move.

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, contact our packing services. Our movers will handle your belongings with care. We will make sure to use quality packing supplies while packing your items. To help prevent damage, our house movers in Bedford will quilt-wrap your items in a padded quilt blanket to help keep them secure. If you are packing your items yourself, then use our packing supplies. We have a variety of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and anything else you may need for moving. To get started with your move, fill out our free, no-obligation quote. We operate with complete transparency so that you will receive your needed services. We look forward to helping you soon.


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