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Considering moving to Framingham, MA? This city has so much to offer! It has world-class companies and start-ups, lively microbreweries, family restaurants, and plenty of boutique shopping! Framingham is composed of seven regions, each with unique attributes.

Downtown Framingham offers a ton of cultural amenities, including:
  • Nobscot has serene farms, gardens, woods, and a tight-knit community.

  • Saxonville is a historical district with residential, commercial, and artistic areas.

  • Tech Park contains the headquarters of Bose and Staples.

  • Golden Triangle is a hodgepodge of offices, shopping, and entertainment. It is also the headquarters for TJX Companies and Shoppers World.

  • Route 9 offers a variety of services, including medical specialties and home improvement stores.

  • Finally, Framingham Center has the oldest homes in the city adjacent to Framingham State University.  

One of the most notable things about Framingham is the amount of money the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) and Planning Community Development (PCD) have invested into the city. Over $630 million in renovations and new construction have taken place over the last five years.

Framingham is a central hub for transportation as well. If you are considering moving to Framingham and commuting to Boston, it is a 30-minute commute on I-90 E. To hit the Logan Airport, travel 30 minutes on I-90 W. Also, the MBTA Commuter Rail goes through Framingham, and if you are looking to go to NYC for a weekend trip, there are several reasonably priced bus tickets.  

There are plenty of top attractions in Framingham including the Danforth Art School, which is a museum part of the Framingham State University. In and around the city are several outdoor attractions. There is a nature trail in Hopkinton State Park. You can also ride your bike or rent a kayak or paddle boat.  The Garden in the Woods is a serene forested botanical garden and plant club that has a couple miles of trails to explore the decorative native plants. Lake Cochituate was originally a reservoir that now is a local recreation resource where your family and friends can have a nice picnic or BBQ. The Lake is a part of Cochituate State Park. There are two large beaches there and a boat ramp. 

If this sounds like a perfect place for you to lay down your roots, consider buying a home in Framingham. The median house price is $409,400, or about $2,391 a month with a mortgage and $934 without. Are  you looking to rent? The average apartment costs around $1,434.

Whatever you decide, know that All My Sons Moving & Storage is here to help. We pride ourselves on being one of Framingham's best moving companies because we have the history to back it up. Whether you are moving locally or across the state, All My Sons can give you a quote today! If you’re still deciding whether or not to hire professional movers, there are some things you should keep in mind.

DIY Versus Hiring Professionals 

When it comes to a DIY move versus hiring professionals, it all comes down to time, patience, money, trust, and preferences. For a smaller move, you can move your things through FedEx, UPS, or USPS. However, this option is generally not suitable for most individuals. You may consider hitching a trailer to your car, but beware – you might have to install a tow hitch if your vehicle doesn’t have one. Hitching systems can get very pricey. Also, you’ll need to account for how much your car can carry (typically, you can find this information in your car manual) and weigh your possessions. Finally, make sure you are comfortable driving with the extra trailer in tow. Many individuals find it very difficult to merge, park, and turn corners. Generally speaking, there are three options most individuals consider: renting a container, renting a truck, or hiring full-service moving professionals.

Moving Containers 

If you are considering renting a moving container, you should ask yourself if you have a flat surface and enough clearance to put the container near your home. If you have a steep driveway or lack parking, you will need to bring your things to a nearby service center. This means extra work when another option would probably be better suited. Our Boston residential moving company wants you to keep in mind that quotes are based on the size, number, distance, time, and coverage. If you cannot do the heavy lifting yourself and need help loading the container, it would be wiser to get a full-service moving company at that point.

Moving Trucks

Moving trucks seem like a relatively inexpensive option; however, it is the most physically taxing out of the three options. You will be responsible for the moving details, packing, loading, driving, and unloading. Although truck rentals will offer 24/7 roadside assistance, you will be responsible for damages. Prices vary depending on cost-per-mile, truck retail, car towing, deposit, and fuel expenses. For a couple of hundred dollars more, you can avoid the time-consuming, labor-intensive, and stress-free option of full-service movers. Some of the moving companies in Framingham, MA, will let you down. That’s why you should call on the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage, the best in the business.

Professional Movers 

Professional movers handle the logistics, loading, driving, and unloading. You usually have the option for additional services such as packing, which can free up your time to focus on other important matters. Professional movers are also the best option if you need special care for certain belongings, including pianos, freezers, grandfather clocks, and other similar items. Not to mention if you have stairs or a long distance between your home and the street, professional movers will help you avoid injuries. This option can be pricey depending on the distance and the load. Consider lightening your load by putting unwanted items on OfferUp or donating them. Summer and the last week of the month are the most expensive time to move. Try cutting costs by planning your move on a weekday at the beginning or middle of a non-summer month. Plus,  you can save on packing materials by getting free boxes at retail stores that recycle them and packing tape at discount stores. Finally, some professional movers offer discounts, so remember to ask if they have military, students, AAA, or other discounts. 

All My Sons Moving & Storage can handle all your moving needs! Contact our Boston local movers by calling us at (617) 539-889 to receive your free moving quote. Your belongings are in safe hands. Let Our Family Move Yours!

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