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Movers in Lowell, MA | All My Sons | Selecting the Best Movers

Lowell, MA, was known as The Cradle of the American Industrial Revolution due to the number of textile mills and factories that began during the early-1800s. Fun Fact - Lowell, MA, is home to Jack Kerouac, author of the infamous On The Road and Dharma Bums! You can visit both his birthplace and his burial site when you are in town. If you are a sports fan, you are in luck! Grab your red, white, and blue gear because Lowell is also home to the NCAA Division I UMass-Lowell River Hawks! Catch a game at the Tsongas Center or Costello Athletic Center.

Here are some quick stats if you are planning on moving to Lowell. The median house value is $269,800, with the average cost being $1,806 a month with a mortgage and $719 without. The average rent is $1,158. The population of Lowell increased to over 111,000 people in 2019 and continues to grow every year. Located less than an hour away from downtown Boston, Lowell is the perfect blend of big-city convenience and small-town cadence. As the top movers in Lowell, MA, we know how much you'll enjoy living in this budding community.

Let All My Sons Moving & Storage help you move! With over 20 years of experience in the business, you can count on us to take care of your belongings with the utmost precautions. Get a quote today from members of our friendly staff. Don't delay! Start the process today!

How to Select Movers in Lowell, MA

With so many movers in Lowell, MA, how do you narrow down your search? First and foremost, look for any red flags when searching for moving companies. By filtering out the riff-raff, you will have a better idea of who you should hire. If moving during the COVID pandemic, you should look for companies that are using safety precautions. Finally, make sure you hire a company that can handle moving all your belongings.

Why You Should Take Precautions

There have been numerous moving horror stories. Some people have experienced fraudulent moving companies holding their belongings hostage until they received a higher payment. Others found out the hard way that their belongings were delivered late and got a higher bill than the original estimate. Some unfortunate people had their commodities damaged or lost, and when they went to resolve the dispute with the moving company, they were ignored, and the company stopped returning their phone calls.

Warning Signs for Scamming Movers in Massachusetts

There are several good Boston moving companies, but you should still be wary of scams. A few warning signs to keep an eye out for include moving companies that:

  • Do not conduct an on-site inspection.

  • Expect a large sum of money upfront.

  • Only accept cash.

  • Claim that their insurance covers everything.

  • Have an office or warehouse in poor condition, or they do not have an office or warehouse.

  • Answer phone calls with "moving company" instead of their company's full name.

What You Should Do To Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Movers

It is essential to make sure the moving company has insurance and that you understand what they will or won't cover. If there is no address or information on the mover's insurance, there is a good chance they do not have the proper coverage. Most moving companies insurance will cover the goods while in transit; however, you should find out if your items were to become damaged while being moved if their insurance will either repair or replace the item(s) or offer a cash settlement. If you want to take extra precautions, consider getting full-value protection insurance, and remember to do a complete inventory of your belongings before you move.

Get everything in writing before you move. If a rental truck shows up on moving day instead of a company truck with proper documentation, cancel the move. If you are traveling to another state, check their identification license number with the US Department of Transportation to validate that it was issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In addition, make sure they provide you with a copy of the "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" booklet, which is required for customers moving to other states.

Can Your Lowell Movers Handle All Types of Moves?

All My Sons offers the best Boston Commercial Movers and Boston Local Movers services in the area. Not all companies do. Make sure you verify that the movers are capable of handling your specific type of move. Also, certify if they can move unique furniture, like a piano.

All My Sons is the best Boston Moving & Storage company. Call today at 216-273-9027 and get a quote now!

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