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Celebrating Father’s Day in Maryland

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, there may be some changes to the traditional ways we used to celebrate holidays. Though places are slowly starting to open their doors to the public, many people are still being cautious and staying home unless absolutely necessary. The coronavirus may have changed the way we do things, but we are still able to tell the special men in our lives just how much we appreciate them. Our Maryland movers share how we celebrate Father’s Day in the Old Line State, even during a pandemic.

Celebrating Father’s Day During COVID-19

Even during a pandemic, there are still plenty of activities you can do to celebrate Father’s Day in Maryland. All it takes is a little thought and ingenuity to make this a unique celebration of the dads in your life.

Steamed crabs for your dad
Why not celebrate Father’s Day in a traditional Maryland way? Crab Fest is such a popular event, but perhaps it’s not the best idea to gather in large crowds just yet. Our Maryland local movers suggest having your own crab fest at home! Preparing a traditional Maryland crab fest is a great way to give your dad an all-in-one present – you get to spend time together and he gets his own special meal, not to mention it is always fun using a mallet to crack the crabs open!

Take him fishing
Your dad was the one who taught you to fish; his dad probably taught him. Why not celebrate all the generations with a fishing trip?! Fishing is a great way to get outside for a few hours and it’s easy to stay 6 feet or more away from others, as recommended by the CDC and WHO. Fishing is also the perfect chance to bond with your old man.

Hit the links
If your dad is one for the green, take him out for one of the most traditional Father’s Day events in Maryland, a round of golf! Start some friendly competition or just let him win every hole. Either way, he will appreciate the time you get to spend together.

Grab a drink at his favorite bar
The best way to show your appreciation is with a toast! Head to your favorite local bar with your best friend; not only are you celebrating Father’s Day, but you’re also supporting a local business – double win! You could also pick up his favorite drink from the store and make a toast. Maryland has a large craft beer community, so there are certainly lots of breweries where you can pick up a special case of your dad’s favorite local beer. Be sure to call the brewery ahead of time to learn more about their protocol for COVID-19.

Our Maryland residential movers want to make sure that you have the best time celebrating Father’s Day in Maryland. We are also here to help make sure that you move safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about our efforts regarding COVID-19 and how we plan to move families safely.


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