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Get Organized and Packed for Your Move

No matter how big or small your next move will be, you will still need to prepare in advance for an efficient and successful move. Getting organized and packed takes patience and this process can be extremely tedious. The Dallas movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage understands that you may want to speed up the packing process, however you must properly pack each item to avoid damages along the way. If you are planning your next move to Dallas and don’t even know where to begin, follow these organization tips for moving from our moving experts. We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible during this exciting time!


Before you pack up any item you should become prepared by creating checklists for what needs to get done before, during and after the move. Checklists will save you a lot of headaches because there are so many tasks that need to get completed that you will not remember what gets done without writing it down. Our Dallas movers also suggests designating checklists for each room in your home that includes all your belongings that you will be transporting to your new home.

Setting a Budget

Preparation is key and before you begin the packing process you should establish a realistic budget that includes packing supplies and transportation. Moving can get expensive, however if you plan in advance, there are ways to save on packing supplies. For example, you can find free moving boxes from your neighbor or local hardware store.

Label Everything

It’s so important to label all boxes and items when you start to pack your belongings. These items will get placed on a moving truck and you will have no way of knowing which box is which without labels during the unpacking process. Your whole moving experience will be more pleasant if you take the time to label all items and this is a great way to become more organized.

Schedule your Move

When it comes to organization tips for moving, we suggest that you get organized by scheduling out each phase of the moving process. Create a calendar that includes packing days leading up to the big moving day and make sure you schedule out enough time to complete all moving tasks. You should also include any appointments that will need to be scheduled and don’t forget about the utility hookup times once you are in your new home.

Pack Room by Room

Once you are finally ready to actually pack your items, you should start room by room to increase efficiency. Enlist packing help from family members and friends and you will see that this process isn’t so bad after all. Extra bodies will also be able to help with transporting the heavy boxes on to the moving trucks.

The Dallas movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to handle a move of any size! We can get you packed and ready to move in an efficient manner.


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