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Wills Point, Texas is a community that is located one hour away from the DFW metroplex and is known as the gateway to East Texas. The Wills Point movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are your go-to professionals to help you relocate.


A Small Country Town with a Close-Knit Community

Located on Highway 80 between Dallas and Tyler, Wills Point, Texas has quickly become one of the best places to live, work and enjoy recreational activities due to its convenient location. Wills Point is great for bird lovers, outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy recreational activities on the lake, and it features a variety of shops and restaurants to accommodate different styles and tastes. It’s a wonderful town to meet friendly people in the community.2


Wills Point was founded in 1873, by its first American settler named William Wills. Wills arrived in the area in 1846 and built a cabin. Interestingly, the name “Point” derived from the shape of the original timberline near the cabin Wills built. Although this is one theory, there is also the argument the name relates to the area’s elevation.2


General Grenville M. Dodge of the California Construction Company was the engineer responsible for the layout of the city. The downtown streets were laid with red bricks upon packed sand in the 1920s by locals and still remains in use today. In fact, if you visit Downton Wills Point today you will see the original building that is almost a hundred years old. You can visit the original Wills cabin, a drug store, a dry goods store and a law office all dating back to its earlier times. Governor George W. Bush actually officially named Wills Point the Bluebird Capital of Texas in 1995.2

Wills Point remains untouched and a true hidden gem in the state of Texas.


Wills Point Moving Services

As a full-service moving company, our hard-working Wills Point movers will not only do the labor-intensive work for you, but they are also available to organize and manage your entire move from beginning to end, making the whole moving process a breeze. With our Dallas packing service, expert movers will safely wrap each item to protect them from damage during transport, ensuring they arrive at the new house in one piece. The Dallas movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage have been moving families and businesses for over two decades with tailored moving services to fit any relocation needs from packing and labor services to auto transport and commercial moving services. The Wills Point movers also offer storage solutions for the items you are not using at the moment, either because you are trying to downsize or just don’t have space for it. Our storage units are under 24/7 security and available year-round, ready to access at any time.


Our local Dallas movers are the professionals you can rely on to help you relocate. Contact one of our Wills Point moving consultants today for a free, no-obligation moving quote.



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