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Located in Henderson County is our City of Athens. Our city is rich in history and is most commonly known for the rolling hills and breathtaking lakes. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our North Texas moving company works hard to provide our customers with the best prices and services.


History of Athens

Yes, it is true – our City of Athens is named after the famous city of Greece. It started when one of our earlier residents decided on the name Athens in 1850. Since then, we’ve had some unique history. Bonnie and Clyde were frequent visitors to a diner here in Athens Square. Something else to know: our city is also known for the birth of the hamburger

Our City of Athens hosts festivals throughout the year, and there’s always something to do! You can even go scuba diving at one of our crystal-clear lakes. The winery is also another perfect spot to check out to escape the city life.

In fact, most of our visitors eventually turn out to be residents in the long run because they end up simply loving the friendly aspect of Athens. If the views of the color-changing leaves in the fall or the fresh pine smell of the outside don’t make you fall in love with our city, then the charm of our residents will!


Texas Moving Services

Our North Texas Moving company is full-service, meaning we will supply you with all your packing supplies, come to your home, and help you in the packing process. Our Dallas packing service comes with the best Athens movers who come to your residence to pack, unpack, disassemble furniture, and more!

We don’t stop there though. We know how stressful it can be to find a mover to take you from state to state, but here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we have a long-distance service that makes your moving experience easier than ever. All of our Dallas movers are locals to the area, so we can help you navigate your new, uncharted location.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we want to help you move to Athens with ease, contact our North Texas moving company for more pricing and package deals. Let us help you make your moving experience a memorable one.