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Best Packing Hacks

Moving day is fast approaching and it’s time to start packing up your belongings, but where do you even start packing? Initially, the thought of packing seems like a mountainous challenge, especially when you have a lot to pack. However, there are some pretty creative and secure ways to pack everything. Our Dallas movers can show you how to get everything nicely packed and ready to go for your move to Dallas.

Toiletry Packing Hacks

Do you have a silky lotion with a lovely fragrance your grandma gave you last Christmas? Or you purchased an expensive cologne from your last trip to France that you’re reluctant to part with? You shouldn’t have to let go of your favorite perfumes, lotions, creams, and body wash because you’re moving to Dallas. One way to salvage your favorite toiletries is by using cling wrap. Simply place Saran wrap on the opening of the bottle and screw on the lid to prevent leakage during the move.

If you have a smaller amount of lotions, creams, or colognes, you can fill up empty prescription bottles or contact cases with these products. Other toiletry packing hacks include using binder clips for razors as well as using a glasses case for makeup brushes.

Moving Hacks for Clothes

To start packing clothing, you must first de-clutter. Begin by throwing out clothing you don’t wear anymore because they are stained or damage. Have any clothes that don’t fit or you no longer desire? Donate them to charities such as Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army to not only lighten your load, but also give back.

Once you’ve rid your wardrobe of any unwanted clothing, start packing off-season clothes first. This should be clothing you won’t need for the next few months due to the season.  Make sure to label these boxes so you’ll know they’re not a priority to unpack once you move to Dallas.

After packing the off-season clothing, pack the clothes you’ll need right after you move to Dallas. There are several ways to pack your clothing, such as vacuum seal bags, wardrobe boxes, and suit cases. If you’re going to pack your clothes in regular boxes, remember to pack them in smaller boxes that can support their weight. Too many clothes in a large box can be too heavy and inconvenient to carry. If your clothes are on hangers, leave the hangers on to save yourself the extra work of removing the hangers and then having to put them on again later. Instead, simply fold them over in a suitcase, hang them in the wardrobe box, or at the very least, use large plastic bags such as black garden bags to protect them from dust and dirt.

Packing Electronics

The last thing you want during your move to Dallas is to damage your electronic devices or their components since they cost a lot of money. There are packing tips to keep these appliances safe and organized during your move. For example, take a picture of the back of your TV before you unplug the cables. Plugging cables into the back of your TV can be tricky and using the picture as a reference can save you a headache and you can settle into your new home.

Speaking of cables, they can get tangled quickly, especially the more you have. Once your wrap each cable, store them in separate toilet paper rolls to prevent them from getting mixed up.

Moving with All My Sons Dallas is Easy

If you’re still overwhelmed with the whole packing process, our professional movers will do all the work for you, ensuring your valuables are packed securely with he appropriate materials as part of our Dallas packing services. When you make our Texas moving company your first choice in relocation services, you’ll be guaranteed quality moving services. Our Texas movers take pride in their work after years of experience in the industry. Need help moving to Dallas? Give our professional Texas moving company a call for free moving quote!


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