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Avoid Moving Scams With Help From Local San Antonio Moving Company

With a bad economy that includes more and more foreclosures by the day and numerous major layoffs, the market is ripe for scams of all kinds, especially moving scams. Moving companies across the nation are getting slicker and slicker every day. That’s why All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio has put together a list of the most popular moving scams happening right now. Read on and educate yourself so you won’t be subject to any of it.

The first popular moving scam according to All My Sons of San Antonio consists of the moving company giving you a low estimate at first (so you give them your business) and after they’ve loaded up their moving truck with your personal belongings, they change the price of the estimate. Sometimes they double and triple the original price. The movers won’t give you back your stuff until you fork up the new amount, they are basically holding your personal belongings hostage.

The second wide-spread trick in the book when it comes to moving scams is that movers will give you an estimate based on the total weight of your personal belongings, but when it’s time to pay, you are told that the cubic feet of your personal belongings has exceeded the estimate. Then, once again, you are stuck with a much higher estimate.

The third popular way movers can scam you according to All My Sons of San Antonio is that they can quite simply add new clauses to your original contract. Explanations and reasons movers can give you is that you were quoted only for moving not for packing. Or you’re told you weren’t packed properly, so it took them longer to load up the truck and make the move.

Another problem that can arise with moving companies is that your furniture and the rest of your stuff arrives late to your new place. If the mover has a licensing violation, their truck is impounded in transit with all your priceless stuff still in the truck. Also, if your stuff is combined with someone else’s personal belongings, then you might have to wait for them to first deliver the other guy’s stuff.

The worst thing that can happen is that the moving company calls it quits and they abandon your stuff at a private shipment storage facility. Then you are stuck trying to find it, and if you are lucky enough to find it, you have to pay up to get your stuff out of storage.

These are some of the most popular moving scams around these days. The next time you move, make sure to research and ask about the moving company you are thinking of dealing with. Read information online, make sure they’ve been around for a while and that they have a good reputation. And if you live in the San Antonio area, check out All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio online. You’ll read all about are four generations worth of experience as well as blogs and customers’ testimonials so you can make an informed decision.