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Top Questions to Ask Your Movers in Murfreesboro

Questions to Ask Your Movers in Murfreesboro

The best way to get a feel for your Murfreesboro movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage is to ask as many questions as possible – and we’ve got answers. We have created this list of questions to ask your movers before hiring a moving company. These questions will scratch the surface during the interviewing process and get you the information you need to know before choosing a moving company.

How long have you been in business?

This question is important to ask because however long a company has been in business usually directly relates to the quality of service you can expect from them. If a company is reputable and established, they will be more than happy to give you the details on their company history. All My Sons movers in Murfreesboro have been in business for over 20 years.

Are you willing to put every commitment into writing?

If a company is not willing to do this for you, you should do some research. Generally speaking, any reputable company that has nothing to hide will do this for you. Written words on paper go a lot further than spoken words, should you be in the position.

Can you provide me with a breakdown of this quote?

The actual way that a moving company comes up with a quote is a bit complicated. However, you should still ask for a breakdown of your quote, including itemized costs estimates. Get all of this information down in writing and ask as many detailed questions about the cost as possible. You have the right to know how you are being charged for these services.

Do you use new packing materials?

You do not want a moving company to skimp on packing materials. Make sure that the company uses new packing materials so that you can be assured your items will be kept safe during transit.

Do you have the required equipment for loading the truck?

Professional moving companies should have all of the proper equipment to take care of your belongings. If the company does not have these tools, you should reconsider your decision to work with that moving company. 

Do you have your own vehicles?

When a moving company has their own vehicles, you can be assured this company is established and professional. If a company does not have to rent vehicles, the cost of transportation is usually lower.

Can you offer temporary storage?

Any professional moving company is prepared to move your stuff door to door on moving day. However, there are the cases when your new house is not ready for move-in just yet, and you need storage for the time being. Ask your moving company if this service is available and what the extra cost is, should you need it.

All My Sons Moving & Storage meets all the criteria of a safe, trustworthy, quality moving company. Contact us today to meet our movers in Murfreesboro and get started!