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Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate

The right roommate makes life easier. In addition to splitting rent, you have a built-in friend to spend time with. The search for a roommate can be a tough process. Our Murfreesboro long-distance movers have simplified the process with a list of questions to ask a potential roommate. Our movers recommend you treat this opportunity as an interview to find out if you’re a good match.


What is your daily routine?

If you’re an early riser, the last thing you want is to share your space with a night owl, and vice versa. Find someone with a compatible sleep schedule. Be sure to ask a potential roommate when they wake up and go to sleep. Living habits are especially important for work schedules. Don’t wait to move in with someone to learn they leave the TV on all night.


How often do you have visitors?

Some people prefer only having friends over on the weekends, while others let their friends come and go as they please. Figure out how often you want other people in your home and rule out potential roommates. Do they have a monthly dinner party? You might want to agree to give advance notice for visitors.


Do you have any pets?

Pets can be a great addition to the living space, but you should check the pet policy for any restrictions or fees. Make sure the roommate will take care of the pet’s needs and well-being. It’s important to know if the pet will be allowed on the furniture, in the common area, and if you’re expected to take care of it when the roommate’s out of town.


What are your cleaning habits?

The state of your home can affect your mindset and productivity. Cleanliness is one of the most common problems between roommates. Whether you’re clean or messy, be honest about your cleaning habits. Some people want a clean living space but struggle to tell their roommate to pick up after themselves. A cleaning schedule is a great solution to potential conflict.


Do you have pet peeves?

Pet peeves drive us crazy and can lead to resentment over time. Exchange pet peeves with a potential roommate to steer clear of annoying each other. Fortunately, you can learn a lot about a person from their quirks. Be sure to ask this question, especially when living in a small space.


What do you like to do for fun?

Finding good roommates goes beyond logistics. Their hobbies give you an idea of their personality and social life. It’s important to get along with the person you see every day. Once you find the right roommate, celebrate with something you both enjoy!


Our Kirkland movers are happy to help you find your roommate when moving to Murfreesboro. Trust our professionals, and over two generations of experience, to get you settled into your new home. Finding a roommate is stressful enough, let the experts transport your belongings. Call our Murfreesboro local movers for a free quote today.