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How to Save Money While Moving

In the weeks leading up to your move to Murfreesboro, you’re going over your finances with a calculator on hand. After you finish your calculations, you find that the cost of your relocation may extend beyond your budget. DIY moving can be frustrating when you factor in how much time and money it consumes. Yet, there are ways you can reduce the cost of moving to Murfreesboro. Our Murfreesboro movers at All My Sons can give helpful pointers on how to save money while moving. If you can’t do a DIY move due to the amount of stuff you have accumulated or because of a pre-existing physical condition, our Tennessee moving company offers affordable relocation services to meet your budget.

Clear Out the Junk

In order to reduce the cost of your move to Murfreesboro, start by reducing the number of belongings you own in the first place. Lightening your load to move to Murfreesboro can save you money since you won’t have to purchase as much packing material. Get rid of items that no longer serve you like that pile of old phone cables you hardly touch or the receipts you collect just in case you need to return an item (start opting for email receipts when you can). If you’re having trouble parting with your collection of books, you can always use Media Mail through the U.S. Postal Service; they can ship a twenty-pound box of books for $12.

For CDs and DVDs you no longer listen to or watch, donate them to libraries or charities such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill. As an alternative for your CDs, subscribe to music-streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, or iTunes. Use a television/movie-streaming web service like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix to substitute for your DVDs.

As for apparel and other textile items, you can recycle unwanted clothing with I:CO Spirit. Since a majority of clothing and shoes end up in the landfill, do our planet Earth a favor by recycling them properly with organizations such as I:CO Spirit. I:CO will “downcycle” textiles to create new textile or use them in other industries. Their process of recycling unwanted clothing and shoes ensures maximum reutilization while helping our global environment. 

Don’t Purchase Packing Materials

While you’re shopping around for packing material, avoid purchasing boxes if you’re moving on a budget. Believe it or not, there are plenty of boxes available at your fingertips, if you just ask. Visit places such as liquor stores and supermarkets to take empty cardboard boxes off their hands. Since most of their inventory is delivered in boxes, these stores should have a plethora of boxes to choose from. Choose boxes that were used to carry heavy items, such as copy paper or metal cans, since they are sturdier and will be able to hold more weight. Plus, liquor stores’ boxes mainly come with sections inside, which is perfect for packing drinking glasses.

Minimize the number of cardboard boxes and other packing materials overall by using items you already own. Luggage or clothes hampers can hold quite a bit of stuff. Drawers can be transported as-is, only by removing them from the dresser so you won’t have to carry the full weight of the dresser at once. You can also reduce the amount of bubble wrap you purchase by using newspapers and linens such as bed sheets and towels to protect fragile items. If you still have space in a box that’s too heavy to load with anything else, you can add linens to fill the space; that way your items don’t shift around too much during transport.

Tax Write Off

On the bright side, moving on a budget can also be achieved if you qualify for a tax write-off by the IRS. If your move is related to an employment opportunity and if the distance is more than fifty miles, you might just meet the criteria to write off your move on your taxes. Our Murfreesboro long-distance movers can help you move across the state and even across the country on-schedule so you can focus on a fresh start with your new job.

Happy Moving with All My Sons

When you hire our Tennessee moving company to help you move to your new home, you’ll be sure to receive a high-quality, yet affordable relocation package to move to Murfreesboro. We know that moving can be expensive, so we work with you to customize a relocation package that will fit within your budget. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.



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