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How to Move a Computer Safely

It’s important you properly secure your items for a move. This is especially important if you’re not going to be moving your items yourself. Electronics can be particularly tricky to relocate. Thankfully our Murfreesboro are here to tell you how to move your computer safely so that it doesn’t get damaged.


How to Move a Computer Safely Infographic


Supplies Needed for Packing and Moving a Computer Safely

Before you prepare to move your computer, you will want to make sure that you have the necessary packing supplies. Unlike other items that you’re packing, there is a certain level of care that needs to be applied when packing your computer for a move.

Our Murfreesboro residential movers recommend that you purchase the following packing supplies when you’re moving your computer to a new home:

•Packing tape

•Moving blanket

•Foam sheets

•Packing paper (or any protective cover)

•Plastic bags

•Twist ties

•Cardboard moving boxes

How to Safely Move a Desktop Computer

Moving a desktop computer is going to take more supplies than moving a laptop. Since there are more parts to a desktop computer, you will need to handle it with special care. Use the supplies mentioned above to make sure the pieces stay separated, untangled and safe. The first thing you’ll want to do before packing your desktop computer is to back up all the information to an external hard drive or flash drive. Should your computer be damaged in any way while moving, you will still have access to your information.

Next, you will want to follow these steps from local movers in Murfreesboro:

1. Power down your computer and disconnect all the cables and cords.

2. Neatly wrap all your computer cords and cables so that they can fit in a plastic bag. Tie them together with a twist tie and label the bags with the contents inside.

3. Using a cardboard box that is large enough for your monitor and CPU, place these items inside. Be sure to tape the bottom and sides of the box with packing tape.

4. Before placing your monitor inside a box, wrap it in towels or protective foam to properly protect it during transport.

5. Place the protected monitor inside the box and fill any spaces in the box with packing peanuts, packing paper, or any other protective material that will act as a buffer.

6. Follow steps 4 and 5 for your CPU as well. Make sure the box has enough space for the computer to avoid any possible damage to it.

7. You will also want to wrap your keyboard and mouse in protective foam or bubble wrap to ensure that they safely make the move. You can put these items either in the same box as the computer or in separate boxes.

8. Make sure to label your boxes with what’s inside and which end is the top, so your movers know which end is up. You will also want to mark the boxes as fragile, so they carefully transported.

When preparing for your move to Murfreesboro, contact the professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage. We know how to move your computer safely and our 20 years of packing and moving experience will surely make your move a lot easier! Call us today to receive your free, no-obligation quote.