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Guide to Officially Becoming a Murfreesboro Local

Local Murfreesboro movers have recently seen a spike in the amount of families relocating to The Volunteer State. While the locals are certainly known for their southern hospitality, they will be quick to correct the newcomers that immediately declare themselves a local.

Simply using All My Sons Moving & Storage to unpack all of your moving boxes does not mean that you are automatically a Murfreesboro local. In fact, after over 25 years of moving families to new homes in the area, your Murfreesboro moving company can attest to the fact that there are certain things you must do before you can walk around like you own the place.

Earn your title in no time with the help of your Murfreesboro residential movers with this guide to officially becoming a Murfreesboro local.

Wave at strangers. For those people using their Murfreesboro movers to escape the big city, get ready to be overwhelmed at the southern hospitality. Once you finish unpacking your moving boxes and get a chance to explore your new neighborhood, you will not be able to help but notice how friendly your neighbors are. Whether it be towards the local school bus driver, your new coworker whose name you can’t remember, or your neighbor who is always out sitting on their front porch, you are not truly a Murfreesboro local until to wave at strangers.

Go right instead of left. While your Murfreesboro movers might have made driving on the interstate look easy, you will quickly find out that is not the case. Before you officially become a Murfreesboro local, you will take the wrong split on the interstate and drive around the entire city (numerous times). Don’t beat yourself up over it if you do, attempting to navigate through Nashville in order to get to Murfreesboro is downright impossible; there are six interstates crossing at one point, which is enough to throw any navigation system off.

Get trapped in East Nashville. Every Murfreesboro local has been there. You and your family innocently enough go out to enjoy a nice day shopping, a delicious Sunday meal, or the sounds of a local band. Having had a fun-filled day, everyone decides it’s time to go home. Regardless of whether you have plans to walk the dogs, finish unpacking the moving boxes from your Murfreesboro movers, or to start a new TV show on Netflix, you quickly realize that it will have to wait. You see, in order to officially become a Murfreesboro local, you must make the fatal mistake of trying to get in or out of East Nashville while an event is going on at LP Field. Spoiler alert: you’re trapped on the wrong side of the river until the event is over.