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Five Unexpected Things to Turn into a Nightstand

Now that you are finally moving into your new home in Murfreesboro, take advantage of this opportunity in order to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to take with you, and what you want to toss. This includes everything from clothing, decorations, kitchen supplies, and furniture. After all, if you can’t stand your bedroom set, then why force yourself to stare at it day after day?

Instead of having your Murfreesboro movers pack furniture that you hate, take this opportunity to get a little creative instead. Something as simple as replacing your nightstand can change the whole look and feel of your bedroom. If you are feeling adventurous, try these ideas from All My Sons Moving & Storage of five unexpected things to turn into a nightstand.

A Stack of Books.

Since nightstands are the perfect place to stack books anyways, why not make a nightstand out of books? Magazines work just as well too, besides, what are you going to do with those magazines collected from years of subscriptions? Just make sure that you don’t put the book you want to read next at the bottom of the stack!

A Trunk.

If you love exploring through antique stores in the hopes of finding hidden gems that will be perfect for your new Murfreesboro home, then this idea has your name all over it. Replace your old nightstand with a vintage trunk for an effortlessly chic way to add some flair to your room. Plus, you can store everything that does not yet have a home in there.

A Chair.

While your Murfreesboro movers know that it may seem too simple too be true, a chair actually works as a great nightstand. Find a unique chair from an antique store, or reupholster an older chair for an efficient way to create a bedside table. Leave plenty of room to stack your books by mounting bedside lamps on the wall. This nightstand idea is every minimalist’s dream!

A Desk.

Since your Murfreesboro moving company already unloaded your desk for you, why not use it as a nightstand as well? This is a great idea for bedrooms that are tight on space, as your desk lamp can now double as a bedside lamp. Make your furniture as efficient as possible in order to maximize design and space throughout your new Murfreesboro home.

A Basket.

Best suited for those who are looking to add charm to a guest room, have your Murfreesboro movers switch out your old nightstand for a large basket. You will be surprised at the quirky twist it adds to your guestroom, while still serving as a great way to store magazines and books for your guests to read. Don’t be surprised if you see the same idea in your guest’s home next time you visit them!