Rating 4.6

The Maryland Movers Helped Me Move To A Baltimore Condo

The All My Sons of Maryland movers were such a great help with my Tuesday morning move to a brand new two bedroom condominium in Baltimore. I found them online after researching for a little while. Then I asked around the office if anyone has used their moving services before and the receptionist said they helped her move out of her place too about a year ago. She said they were truly professional and she was happy with the entire move. Their website seemed the most complete and informative compared to other moving companies online. It had tons of stuff on there that helped me hire them for the job. I called up and spoke to one of their office staff that answered some of my questions. I told him all about the elevators the Maryland movers would have to deal with, along with the concerns I had moving out of the 10thfloor. Anyhow, he said they’ve done this before and that I didn’t have to worry about anything, so I booked them. The Maryland movers were truly the best movers I’ve worked with so far. So efficient, so professional, so friendly, all of them moved at a fast pace in and out of my apartment and never empty handed. Sometimes they teamed up to lift heavy items, like my favorite dining table. They even quilt-padded some of the corners on that one. Boxes were being transferred onto the moving truck along with all my stainless steel kitchen appliances that I don’t use much to tell you the truth. But I definitely plan on cooking more at my new place. The move lasted several hours, I never knew I had so much ‘stuff’. Even when I was packing I was surprised I had accumulated so much throughout the years. Some of the clothing I found myself packing in wardrobe boxes had the time to get out of fashion and back in, that’s how long I had these things. I obviously didn’t have the heart to throw out anything, so I packed it all, one article by one article, stopping occasionally to try on a skirt or a pair of jeans. I’m happy to say it all still fit. So all this meant that the Maryland movers had their work cut out for them, lots of boxes filled with my personal belongings. Everything arrived safely to my new two bedroom place thanks to the reliable work of this local Maryland moving company called All My Sons Moving and Storage of Maryland.