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What can you expect from a Professional Moving Company?

Moving day is fast approaching. Instead of bribing your buddies with pizza, you opt for Indianapolis full-service movers. After some research, you call the best Indianapolis moving company for you. All My Sons Moving & Storage Indianapolis long-distance movers want you to understand exactly what to expect from a professional moving company and how to prepare for your movers.


The movers should show up at the specified time. Make sure there is a designated space for the truck and the walkways leading into your home are clear (no kid’s toys, snow shoveled, etc.) The movers will give you the required documents before they begin. Read them over to make sure everything is in order.

Walk Through

Go through your home and go over what is coming in the truck and what is not. Items and their condition will be noted by the movers. To help your movers, make sure you already decided where everything is going. Are you taking the kitchen appliances with you? What is going in your car? Which items require the most care when moving? If you paid for movers insurance, be sure to go over everything that is covered and what needs special attention.

Set up

Before the movers begin loading the truck, they will follow certain procedures to protect your home as well as increase safety and efficiency. At this point, stay out of the way as they will be busy laying down blankets and carpet protectors


If you hired Indianapolis full-service movers, you have the option to have them pack for you. This service will save you an enormous headache as they will come prepared with professional packing supplies and know how to pack your items safely and efficiently. The movers should also have the necessary tools required to take apart any furniture that requires it. Double check that movers only pack what you want. It is also important to do some spring cleaning before they arrive so you do not transport items that you no longer want.  If you decide to pack by yourself, you can buy professional moving supplies from your movers as a part of their Indianapolis relocation services.

Loading the truck

Rather than straining your back, allow your professional moving company to literally take the weight off of your shoulders. They know how to pack your items safely and efficiently in the truck. You can also hire Indianapolis auto movers to ship your vehicle to your new home.


Once loading is complete, check with the movers to ensure that the drop-off details for your move to Indianapolis are correct and you have the right contact information.


Unloading is similar to the loading process. The movers will follow the same set-up procedures to protect your home before unloading boxes to their designated rooms. They may also help with the unpacking process. You will want to ensure the boxes are taken to the right room and everything arrives in good condition.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis moving company, let it be a Indianapolis residential moving company like All My Sons Moving & Storage Indianapolis who can help remove a lot of the stress that comes with a move. A full-service moving company will be able to complete your move in record time compared to if you do it yourself.