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What to Know Before Moving to Boynton Beach

History, beaches, nightlife, and more! Your move to Boynton Beach is just the beginning of a new life filled with all Florida has to offer (even if that means alligators). Our Boynton Beach residential movers have shared some insider tips on what to know before you begin your new journey.

Figuring Out Travel Needs

First things first, are you doing the moving by yourself or did you hire a company? Figuring out who is going to help you move is a make or break situation. With the stress of moving to a new place, our South Florida movers recommend hiring a professional moving company. Not only will they know the area you are moving to, but they can alleviate stress for you, knowing your household items will be properly taken care of.


Once you have taken care of your moving needs and have settled into your new home, go out and explore the area of Boynton Beach. The name itself has the word “beach” in it, and for a good reason. Our Boynton Beach residential movers advise all our customers to go out and explore the beaches in their new hometown! There are options like jet-ski rentals, kayaks, and fishing expeditions you can take your family on. Just make sure to lather up with sunscreen, because once you move to Boynton Beach, you will be exposed to the sun a lot more then you are used too.


Know that the weather in Boynton Beach can be unpredictable. Florida in general has moody weather. When it comes to rain, our South Florida movers know all too well to tell our newcomers to always have an umbrella on-hand. You might just be hopping into the grocery store for a Pub Sub (vital information for new people who want to know what to eat), and the next minute it will be a torrential down pour that will last for about a good five to ten minutes.


As soon as you move to Boynton Beach, familiarize yourself with the local hospitals, urgent care centers, and banks. Learn the routes you need to know for schools, or the best times to leave work to beat the rush hour traffic. Don’t be afraid to ask one of our Boynton Beach residential movers about where the necessities are. Get to know the neighbors, and if you moved from out of state, familiarize yourself with the name changes of stores. Kroger’s is now Publix, and Duane Reed is now Walgreens.

Understand that it will take time to know the new area. Things will flow naturally, and in no time, you will be glad to call Boynton Beach your new home. Contact us at All My Sons to learn more about pricing. Our South Florida movers are waiting by the phone to hear from you!