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Tips for Moving to South Florida in the Summer

It’s no secret—South Florida is hot, especially during the summer.

One water bottle and a single coat of sunscreen is not enough. Planning to move to South Florida during the summer? You must take necessary precautions during the move-in process to prevent not only a bad experience but potential dangers, as well.

If you have the option, don’t move during the summer; choose a time between the months of November and May, instead. If you must move to Boynton Beach during the summer, though, don’t fret! Your South Florida movers have some great moving tips to keep in mind while this season:


Wait for Weird Weather

Something you will learn quickly after your move to Boynton Beach—South Florida’s weather is extremely temperamental. A cloudless, baby-blue sky can turn into a torrential downpour within mere seconds. Anticipate this changing atmosphere by planning your move accordingly. Move quickly and try not to waste any time. Once you see those grey clouds rolling in, you should roll into your new home, too.


Move in the Morning

To avoid odd weather changes and most of the summer heat, move in the morning. For the most part, South Florida summer mornings are clear-skied and breezy. This makes it the best time for making your move to Boynton Beach. Plus, you’ll get the hard part done early.


Hydration is Key

You know how before a big race, runners are supposed to drink more fluids than usual to prepare? Well, moving during the summer is the same way. Drink before your move, drink during your move, and drink after your move. Fill a large cooler with ice and drinks like water, sports drinks, or maybe even iced coffees for a little move-in day pick-me-up.


Take a Time-Out

Don’t push yourself during your move to Boynton Beach. Among all the moving tips for a South Florida summer, this one is extremely important. If you’re feeling lightheaded, tired, or just plain hot, take a break. Take a break even when you feel like you may not need one; this is integral to avoid heatstroke while moving.


Dress for Success

A three-piece suit may not be the best fit for move-in day. To move to Florida during the summer, wear clothes that are light and breathable, like tank tops or running shorts. Don’t forget the sunscreen either! You won’t want to look like you stepped out of a bad tanning salon after your move to Boynton Beach.


Break for the Beach

I mean, you did just move to Florida, right? So why wouldn’t you plan an hour or two at the beach after your hectic move? Escape the heat and escape into the ocean. A dip in the sea is always a cool and refreshing treat, sure to bring peace to your busy move.


These moving tips should help you make your move to Boynton Beach safer and more enjoyable. There’s one last bit of advice to keep in mind for your move, though. Hire your All My Sons South Florida movers to really make the most of your summer move. The experts can help you turn your sweaty move into a cool experience.