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Should You Hire Movers or Move on Your Own?

Perhaps you’d expect the typical moving company to jump at the chance to answer this question and tell you that you must hire movers in Boynton Beach for you move, right? Maybe so, but we’re not your typical moving company. All My Sons Moving & Storage are your premier Boynton Beach movers for a reason, and we’re going to deliver the honest truth and let you make your own decision.

Now, there are plenty factors, plenty of questions that go into making this decision: how big is my move? What tools and equipment do I have/would I need? Can I afford to do it all on my own? What moving services can I afford?

Answer these questions and you will know what you should do for your move to Boynton Beach!

How Big is My Move?

If your move equates to the size of a studio apartment, essentially just a few boxes, maybe a chair or two, a small couch, a bed, a TV, and some electronics among a few other items, you should be able to load up a small truck or a car and a small trailer and boogie on to your new home no problem! Even a one-bedroom place, or a two-bedroom place with minimal belongings, you could very likely organize, pack, and move in this same way and not have much to worry about.

But, if you’ve got a studio apartment that’s set-up almost like a museum, full of memorabilia, art, maybe that classic Mortal Kombat arcade machine, a couch, queen bed, and a complete entertainment center, plus a few boxes of the regular old run-of-the-mill essentials, it may be a good idea to hire some Boynton Beach movers. The same applies for a larger place; if you’ve got more than the standard essentials, you may find it best to hire movers.

What Tools/Equipment Do I Have? What Would I Need?

If you have a standard toolkit that gives you the capability of taking apart and re-assembling your dining table, nightstand, or whatever you own that can be disassembled for the move, that’s a step in the right direction. You can break down your belongings to save some money on your move and eliminate the need for that service from your movers.

If you have tape, boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, scissors, labels, and markers, you may not need any extra packing supplies. You may require some protective covers for some of your belongings, like a wooden dresser or a glass cabinet; in this case, you may not need to purchase covers—you can use blankets you already own to cover them up. You can always find these or other useful packing supplies and packing services in Boynton Beach with All My Sons.

It’s possible that you will need a dolly, hand-truck, or some sort of cart. On top of all the other supplies, tools, and hardware, this can get pretty costly. If you’ve already got everything else and think that it’s worth purchasing a dolly, hand-truck, or cart for you move, then by all means, go for it!

What Can I Afford?

Doing all the work can cost you more than you may expect. Sure, it could seem like a few bucks here, a few bucks there, and maybe a slightly higher investment somewhere else, but this all adds up. Renting a truck could get expensive. Your move to Boynton Beach could cost the equivalent of or even more than hiring movers in Boynton Beach to get the job done.



When you’re considering the best options for your move to Boynton Beach, you’re going to want the best movers in Boynton Beach. You can call and get a free, no-obligation quote right now and weigh your options. If you decide not to go with All My Sons Moving & Storage of Boynton Beach, no sweat! If you decide to hire the best Boynton Beach movers, you’ve made an investment that will help better your future. Give us a call today at (561) 336-6558—it won’t cost you a thing and you’ve only got more to gain!