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5 Moving Day Life Hacks

Moving day is here and it can be one of the most stressful days in one’s life. Most people underestimate the moving day process and some even procrastinate on certain things, which only makes the experience that much harder. Your local Denver movers want you to feel relaxed and stress-free on moving day, so once your date is booked and you understand what is expected from your moving company, you can check off your list of life hacks for moving day! 

  1. Wake up early on moving day. Plan accordingly the night before and get a good night’s rest. You will want to wake-up early and refreshed so that you can tackle the day. The very last thing you should want is to be woken up by your local Denver movers and rush to start your morning. Staying organized is essential to not getting stressed and overwhelmed.

  2. Charge all electronic devices. Make sure that you and your family and friends have full battery power. Staying in touch with your Denver movers and anyone who is helping you on moving day is very important. It also can cause a lot of problems if the homeowner is not reachable.

  3. Wear appropriate clothing. Most people underestimate what to wear on moving day, but this vital tip is important to ensuring a stress-free move. You do not want to be wrapped in tight-fitted clothing or dark, heavy fabric that will make you sweat faster. It is going to be a long day and you should be wearing loose clothing; something light and breathable so that overheating is not an issue. If it is not too hot, try to wear a breathable long sleeve shirt. This also helps with any possible injuries that could occur. The Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest that you and your movers avoid wearing any clothing and shoes with ties, because this can cause you to get the laces stuck in an object and cause an injury or accident.

  4. Pre-pack before moving day. Packing up the little things in your home will make it easier and more time efficient on moving day. Tiny kitchen essentials or bathroom essentials are always good to pack away the night before or the morning of, after you are done using them for the last time before your move. On moving day, your local Denver movers will pack up the bigger items and will even pack up your clothes for you. If you just take care of the small items, then moving day will be a breeze.

  5. Food Ideas. Last but not least, the most important thing to remember is how hungry everyone will be throughout the process. Most people forget to eat, but this is vital to ensuring that you have enough energy to move. Consider offering sandwiches, pizza, or sweets to everyone who is helping. If you have kids, then pack up some tasty snacks the night before, so they won’t get too cranky. Always have enough water for everyone to stay hydrated.

With these great moving day life hacks, your moving experience will be a success. Let All My Sons Denver make this day as stress-free as possible while you and your family enjoy your move to Denver.