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The Birmingham Movers Help You Get Cheaper Rent

It’s a great time to be renting right now. With the apartment vacancy rate rising and the economy still down, landlords are trying every tactic to get new renters and keep the ones they already have from leaving. There are many different perks out there given to renters from a free parking spot, to a few month’s free of rent, flat-screen TVs with a new lease to energy- efficient appliances and more. Our team of professional movers have a few ideas on how you can save some money while moving and also get cheaper rent in Birmingham.

How to Make a Deal With Your Landlord

There are many ways to dealing with your landlord whether you’ll be signing a new lease or you’re in mid-lease and have trouble paying your rent. For one, make sure to be honest with your landlord. If you think you’re going to be late with your monthly payment, call them up and let them know of your situation. They will appreciate you being frank with them and you can discuss how to proceed. Mention when you’re expecting your next paycheck to show them that they can trust you.

If you’re going for a new a lease, make sure your credit is in good condition. Landlords will typically do a background check especially within condo associations. If you have a good credit, they can trust that you’ll make your payments on time and maybe even give you some perks because they rather rent to someone they know can make the payments than someone else with bad credit.

If your lease is up in a few months, start negotiating your new one early on. Let your landlord know that you’ll be ready to move and state some ideas about what can keep you there in the same unit. And if you’ve been good about paying on time and have kept the apartment in good condition, most likely your landlord will do everything they can to keep you there. This can be a reduced rent or not actually raising the rent or other incentives like a new fridge or something of the sort.

If you're signing a new lease let your landlord know that you’ve made your research and know about the housing market situation. State why you would be the perfect renting tenant and what you expect from him or her. Always ask for more than you want, this way your potential landlord will feel like they negotiated instead of giving you everything you want. If you expect two or three months worth of free rent, ask for six month and see where that leads you.

The Top Birmingham Moving Company

Of course, where you find the perfect home or apartment you want to move into and have signed your lease, call the local Birmingham movers to help you with your move. We’ll take care of every detail of your moving and even do the packing for you if that’s a service you’d want to include in your moving contract. Check out our Birmingham moving company website to get your free online moving quote and set up a date for your moving day. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a licensed and insured moving company with professional movers and reliable moving services. Contact the Birmingham movers today to receive a free, no-obligation quote!