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How to NOT Spend a Fortune on Moving Supplies

Don't Let The Boxes Break Your Budget

If you are currently house hunting in Birmingham, keep in mind that once you are ready to move…moving costs can be expensive. A special tip from local moving companies: start getting boxes together now. Moving is not an easy task and ideally should not be completed within one week. Do yourself a favor and prepare for your moving day, months in advance. But before you splurge on a ton of fresh moving boxes and packing tape, consider these tips from All My Sons Moving & Storage and cut the cost of your move by being smart about your moving supplies.

Plastic Containers

Although plastic containers can cost up to $20 each, they can last forever and opt as organized storage in your garage , attic, or extra storage if you are moving to a rental and do not have enough space. They are also easier to carry and load into your All My Sons moving truck. If you do not want to purchase plastic storage bins, you can ask friends and family members if they have any that they can lend to you or give you if you will be moving far away. Another option is to ask your local hardware store or moving company if you can rent them for a small fee, but make sure that this fee is cheaper than the cost of the amount of moving boxes that you would need; you should either choose whichever option will be cheaper if you are not planning on keeping the storage bins.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are a cheap and easy way to pack belongings that will not be harmed by being in bags. However, make sure that you check with the moving company that you hire, because some movers will require that all of your belongings are packed in boxes to avoid being accountable for possible damage, and they will require that you use and don't use certain moving supplies. Garbage bags will benefit you if you have a lot of clothes, linens, or soft décor such as a ton of throw pillows. Do not use garbage bags to store any breakable or heavy items, since garbage bags tend to break.

Use Your Clothes and Linens

Instead of wasting money on non-biodegradable packing products, such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap, use your clothes and linens to wrap breakable items. You can also use pillows as cushion barrios between the furniture that you have loaded into your moving truck.

Packing Tape and Markers

If you need to purchase other moving supplies, such as packing tape, the first place that probably comes to mind is a hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes; however, in order to save money and move on a budget, dollar store packing tape is just as good. If you have young children, we are sure that they will not mind you borrowing their black Crayola marker to mark up your moving boxes, instead of having to go buy Sharpies from a store.

Used Boxes

A lot of local grocery stores will give you their empty boxes, for free! If you already know your moving date and you have an empty closet or extra garage space, every time that you go grocery shopping pick up a couple large boxes that they are throwing away. Wholesale food clubs typically have large bins near the checkout lines, where they offer their boxes for you to take home for free, so take advantage of them.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving families for over 30 years, and moving does not have to be expensive. Our family hopes that your family has the best moving experience, by following our tips on how to move and not break the bank by splurging on moving supplies.

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