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The public library can be one of your most valuable resources when you move to Birmingham:
Birmingham Public Library

This company will take care of having all your utilities connected for you when you move to Birmingham!

When you’re planning your move to Birmingham, contact this agency for help in finding child care:

Birmgham Public Schools

According to the Birmingham Public Schools:

An education in the arts is not a privilege; it is a right that must be granted to every child. It is through art that we develop an understanding of ourselves and the place we hold on earth and in society. It is through art that we may communicate and understand diverse cultures in a global society. It is through art that we learn not only what it takes to be human, but what it takes to be humane. It is through arts education that we offer our children the tools to be creative and courageous custodians of humanity. When you think about moving to Birmingham, you can feel good about sending your children to schools that value arts education.

Art is valuable for arts sake: sequential lessons in the arts (dance, drama/theatre, music and visual arts) teach children to be problem solving, creative and critical thinkers. The creative process involves active learning with requirements for analysis, reflection, integration and evaluation. Schools that involve arts education reap superior academic results. That said, when your move takes you to Birmingham, you know your children will have a well-rounded education.

Integrated arts curriculum (arts in every classroom) levels the playing field and closes the gap between the majorities and the minorities, the wealthy and the impoverished, the "gifted" learners and the "learning disabled," the boys and the girls. Integrated arts curriculum leaves no child behind, approaching multiple intelligences and allowing every child's strength an opportunity to emerge. Success becomes the norm and children become empowered. Again, think about moving to Birmingham for a high quality, superior education for your children.
The Alabama State Council on the Arts embraces arts education as an essential component of education in the State Of Alabama. Parents looking for the kind of education provided for all students equally as their highest priority would be wise to think about moving to Birmingham.
The Objectives of the Arts in Education program are:

* To provide opportunities for Alabama students to learn in, through and about the arts.

* To ensure the arts as an integral and essential component of education in the State of Alabama.

* To provide professional development opportunities for Alabama artists, educators and administrators in arts curriculum development.

* To support partnerships between schools, artists and arts organizations that foster excellence in arts education.

Live Music and Resources:

The Alys Stephens Center
Home of the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

The Alys Stephens Center
Arts Education

DJs & Streaming music

Birmingham 101 Lifestyle Magazine

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