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Tricky Tips to Attract Buyer Interest when Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be intimidating at first thought, but armed with the right tricks to attract potential buyers; your home can instantaneously become more appealing. Once the right buyer comes along, Birmingham Moving Companies are here to help you get packed up and moved in no time. Here are some tricky tips for homeowners who want to take the visual appeal of their property to the next level for an easy sale.

Farewell to Fido

A majority of buyers begin to picture their family living in the home(s) they walk through. They envision the activities that will take place, how various rooms will be used, and whether or not there are sufficient upgrades and a desirable layout to accommodate individual needs. If you have pets, it is wise to temporarily remove them from the home during showings. Arrange to take your dog to the park or have a family member help sit them so you can show your home without a little critter running around.

Keep it Bright

Along with keeping your home clean and clutter free, showing your home can be more effective if the area is well lit. Keeping blinds open and turning on lights in dimmer areas can make the space more inviting and add to the appeal of the area. Often, a little extra light can even make the dimension appear larger and the space less crowded.

Deemphasize the Personalize

After the years of living in your home, it is time to take the personal artifacts and put them elsewhere. There are several reasons for removing family photos, personal belongings, and memorabilia from the space. First, if you are concerned with your privacy and the protection of your family, removing personal items can be a great step in the right direction. Second, prized possessions should never be kept out where strangers can see. Many potential buyers snoop around to get a full idea of the storage available. For your own peace of mind, having these things put away someplace secure is a smart idea.

Be Show Ready

There is often little notice before buyers stop by to tour your home. Keeping the space show ready is an excellent way to eliminate stress and to feel confident about the first impression you are giving. Simple housecleaning tactics such as removing dirty dishes from the sink, keeping floors picked up and vacuumed, and keeping surface areas dusted are small details that can make a big impact. It's important to disinfect your house and get it ready for showing.

Clean the Closets

Did you know that storage space is super important for a lot of homeowners? A great way to show off the storage space throughout your home is to empty the closets in bedrooms and hallways. Eliminate unnecessary clutter and keep remaining items folded, organized, and tidied to properly showcase all of the storage space available. When people inspect every nook and cranny and find that each is organized and neatly arranged the space may appear more valuable to them.


With All My Sons Moving & Storage ready to assist you with the relocation process, it is time to get your home ready to sell. With these tricky tips for keeping the space appealing, you can confidently show your home to even the pickiest buyers. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on moving.