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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Dallas

Packing, it is the most daunting aspect to moving and trying to find the time and where to start is a headache waiting to happen. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Dallas movers have created the ultimate packing guide to get you through the packing process.


Start Packing for Your Move Now

The key to a successful packing guide is making sure you do not wait last minute to pack up your belongings. The optimal time to start is six weeks before your move date. Before your moving date, you should plan, get packing supplies, and start putting the correct labeled boxes in each room. Once you have that sorted, the rest of the steps will flow naturally and smoothly, leaning towards a successful and stress-free move.

Need help when it comes to planning, organizing, and packing? Look no further, our Dallas packing service is here to help you with our professional movers. Our movers will come to your house and give a free, no-obligation moving quote so you know how much everything is going to cost. From there, we will then start going through your items and wrapping them safely with our Dallas packing supplies. We provide all the moving boxes, bubble wrap, padded quilts, and other moving supplies to you with our service.


Have an Essentials Bag when Moving

When you begin packing away your belongings, it is imperative you have an essentials bag for yourself and the family. An essentials bag is a suitcase that will hold a couple of outfits and important things that you need for the new house such as chargers, electronics, shampoo and soap, chargers, and some protein bars to snack on while you are driving to your new home. You’ll also want to keep all important documents, such as birth certificates and mortgage paperwork, in your possession throughout the entire move.

Depending on how far the relocation is, let our Dallas long-distance movers help move you and your family. Our long-distance movers know how to handle the move near or far.


Cleaning Up Before You Move

Once you have finished the packing, you want the very last thing on your list should be cleaning. You can start by making sure each corner has been swept and looking through drawers and closets to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

If you are cleaning and need somewhere to store your items, let our North Texas moving company do just that. Our storage facility is always under 24/7 security and we make sure that each storage unit has the correct lock and key that only you own. Paintings and other temperature sensitive items will be taken care of in our storage units because they are climate controlled and made to your liking.

For more moving service our other tips in the ultimate packing guide, contact our Dallas local movers to learn more.