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The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Your Next Move

Getting ready to move to Dallas? Sorting everything out can be very time consuming and stressful. With this comes a lot to remember, and planning to pack sometimes gets pushed to the side.

Unfortunately, many people who decide to relocate do a poor job dealing with their packing procedures. Often, families start packing days before. This creates an anxious rush that leads to delays and, even worse, more money out of your pocket. If you want to save a few bucks, creating a packing checklist is a great start.

Two Months Before

Initiating your plan, a couple months beforehand gets you off to a great start. Take an inventory of everything you have. Write down a list of what is needed every day to what could be packed until you are ready to settle in at your new home.

Get Rid of It! You should also think about what you don’t need. If there is something that is rarely used, broken, or you simply don’t care for it anymore, get rid of it. Downsizing makes the move much easier and can be donated to those in need!

Order Now. If your home needs new appliances, order them before moving to Dallas. It would be nice to watch a new refrigerator arrive the same time you do.

Who to Go With. Within the next couple weeks, you should research Dallas moving companies that will help move you in. You need someone who will take care of you and the wellbeing of your precious belongings. You should also start looking into travel arrangements at this time. Picking dates to get the ball rolling will give you a timeframe and a better understanding about the time you have left. The best Dallas movers will help you every step of the way.

One Month Before

The last month before you hit the road is when the real packing begins. Get some boxes and other packing supplies. Look for containers of all shapes and sizes to fit your stuff! Once you have accumulated some, start putting things away that you can live without for a little while. You can wait until your move to Dallas is complete!

Organization Is Key. Getting things into boxes is easy, but if you don’t keep track of where things are and how they are grouped, you will have a nightmare setting up the new place. Label boxes according to rooms and whether they are fragile or not. This makes it easy on you and your movers.

Valuables. In the last couple of weeks, get the rest of the packing done. Box up your valuables and have everything ready to go.

Time to Move!

When it is finally time to move, double-check that everything is in order. Nothing should be left in the house that doesn’t need to be.

Get There First. Arriving before the movers gives you time to think about where furniture can be placed so you can direct your helpers.

Settle In. Unpack all of your rooms, get everything set up the way you want, and relax - you’re finally home.

Go With AMS!

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